Telecommunication--Law and legislation


31 Jan 2019

This report argues that concerned countries should press Myanmar to protect the rights to expression and assembly, and reform laws penalizing peaceful speech, to bring them back into line with international standards.

Policy report

1 May 2018

This resource argues that due to the incompatibility of current technologies and legislation, Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies may need to operate in a grey area which lacks legislative direction. Regardless of their professionalism, this introduces risks for information security and human rights.


29 Sep 2017

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Communications and the Arts’ contract management of selected telephone universal service obligations.

Discussion paper

Positions and Consultation paper 5
20 Jul 2017

This ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce position paper outlines reforms to enhance ASIC’s access to telephone intercepts for the investigation and prosecution of serious corporate law offences.


21 Jun 2017

This guide provides a listing of online information for sources relevant to Australian media and communications legislation, standards, policy and industry advocacy.


Productivity Commission Inquiry Report no.83
19 Jun 2017

This report argues that in a digital age, the voice-based telecommunications universal service obligation (TUSO) is anachronistic and costly and should be wound up by 2020.


23 Nov 2016

You might not have noticed thanks to world events, but the UK parliament recently approved the government’s so-called Snooper’s Charter and it will soon become law. This nickname for the Investigatory Powers Bill is well earned. It represents a new level and nature of surveillance...

Fact sheet

1 Mar 2016

The Government has announced the most significant reforms to Australia's media laws in a generation, supporting the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing global competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Why are we changing the media laws?

Australia's media...

Discussion paper

26 Nov 2015

Communications Alliance invites public comment on proposed revisions to Chapter 9 of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code 2012. This chapter describes the Code Compliance Monitoring Framework of the TCP Code.

The proposed amendments seek to provide additional flexibility for smaller service providers in...


14 May 2015

The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 was tabled in the Australian Parliament on 30 October 2014. The Bill immediately engendered criticism and controversy that continued through its passage through Parliamentary Committees and debates. Notwithstanding those criticisms and a number of critical...

Conference paper

28 Apr 2014

Abstract: This paper presents preliminary findings from an exploratory multi-method study into pre-service teachers’ perspectives regarding legal and ethical issues relevant to the use of ICT in schools. It identifies requirements for legal literacy that not only support legally compliant behaviour, but which can also...


18 Mar 2013

On 13 March 2013, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications met and resolved to adopt the inquiry into the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Dividend) Bill 2013, which was referred to it by the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure and...

Annual Report

29 Oct 2012

Consumers made 193,702 new telco complaints in 2011-12, a decrease of two per cent on the previous year. Complaints about mobile phones increased by nine per cent to 122,834 from 112,376 in 2010-11. Two out of three complaints made to the TIO were about mobile...


16 Oct 2012

This report finds a major shift towards a better consumer experience in the telecommunications industry. The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Annual report 2011–12, was tabled in federal parliament on 15 October 2012 The number of complaints about mobile premium services recorded by the...


1 Sep 2012

This guide is for consumers and explains their rights in relation to mobile phone, landline, internet and pay TV services.

The guide summarises in plain language what rights customers have under the newly registered Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code and other laws, regulations and...


11 Jul 2012

This Code is a revision of the registered Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code (C628:2007). The Code is to replace the C628:2007 Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code published by Communications Alliance in September 2007. The Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth) (the Act) encourages self-regulatory processes....

Conference paper

15 Dec 2010

Many of the key principles of the common law and of intellectual property law were developed before widespread use of the internet. Many State and Territory statutes were drafted without clear territorial nexus provisions, on the reasonable view (before the internet) that it would be...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

Spectrum licences in Australia are initially allocated via market based mechanisms (generally auctions)1 which strongly influence the application of this key national resource to its highest value use or uses. Spectrum licences have normally been awarded for 15-year periods,2 which have been considered sufficient to...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

Achieving efficient spectrum management in the pursuit of the public interest is a key aspect of legal reforms introduced in spectrum liberalising countries. However, spectrum law is unclear about the precise nature of the efficiencies to achieve and choices between different efficiency objectives are often...


15 Apr 2009

The aim of this paper is to examine the economic impact of proposals to add a non-cost 'premium' to international telecommunication charges. This work follows up on earlier OECD work which examined international traffic exchange. The paper concludes that attempts to use non-market methods, and...



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