Emergency management


24 Jan 2019

The focus of performance reporting in this chapter is on emergency services for fire events. Descriptive information is included on emergency services for other events, with performance reporting to be developed for future Reports.


19 Jan 2019

These guidelines are intended to raise awareness of the risks of hot weather to health, and to encourage and support the development of Heat Health Plans.

Annual Report

15 Nov 2018

This is the annual report from the Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force (ABF) to the Minister for Home Affairs for the financial year ended 30 June 2018.


31 Oct 2018


Natural hazards present significant risks to many communities across the United States. Fortunately, there are measures governments, building owners, developers, tenants and others can take to reduce the impacts of such events. These measures—commonly called mitigation—can result in significant savings in terms...


Handbook 16
7 Sep 2018

In an emergency, the provision of public information and warnings plays a significant role in making people and communities safer. Timely, targeted and tailored information and warnings empower people to make informed decisions, to take protective action, and to reduce the potential impacts and consequences...


21 Aug 2018

This Project Summary provides information about the commercial and contractual aspects of the Metropolitan Mobile Radio Contract Extension Project (the Project).

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2018

Addressing climate change risks and impacts remains an urgent, significant challenge for the emergency management sector, despite concerted effort from various agencies. Member agencies are already feeling the impacts of climate change and experiencing first-hand how communities are being affected.


25 Jan 2018

The focus of performance reporting in this chapter is on emergency services for fire events. Descriptive information is included on emergency services for other events, with performance reporting to be developed for future Reports.


18 Jan 2018

This report, the result of a ministerial review, provides advice to the minister on the most appropriate operational and legislative mechanisms to support effective responses to natural disasters and other emergencies in New Zealand.

Discussion paper

31 Oct 2017

A range of policy settings already exist across the landscape of fire. Victoria’s aim is to look at this holistically before, during and after fires to develop a future-looking strategy that encompasses fire across all environments.


The value hidden in plain sight
7 Sep 2017

This project seeks to understand the value of emergency management volunteers and volunteering to the Victorian community.

Journal article

1 Sep 2017

This study examined the level of knowledge Australian crisis communications officials had about Islam and Muslims. It identified that Media Liaison Officers (n=72) have low levels of knowledge about this religious faith, and that they were aware of their lack of understanding.


18 Aug 2017

The Andrews Labor Government has introduced the Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2017 to among other things, restructure Victoria’s fire services.


3 Aug 2017

This document discusses the gaps in Australia’s emergency management legislation and the coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia. It analyses key legislation from the UK and US jurisdictions and reveals important lessons that could be adopted in Australia.


7 Jul 2017

The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) considers that the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is an appropriate way of funding emergency services. This review has identified a number of ways in which the accountability and transparency of the allocation of ESL expenditure could be improved.


Report to the Minister of Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply
30 Jun 2017

This report examines events in March 2017, where large areas of the Plane Basin in the Mackay region received very heavy rainfall associated with ex-tropical cyclone Debbie.


21 Jun 2017

This report looks at climate change and conflict issues through the lens of sensible risk-management to draw new conclusions about the challenge we now face.


16 Jun 2017

The research priorities outlined in this document represent the consensus view of industry experts and are based on extensive consultation and discussion. This is the first time an exercise of this scale focussed on natural disasters has been conducted in Australia


Shared responsibility, resilience and adaptation
5 Jun 2017

This report, from the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet of the Tasmanian, is the result of the decision to undertake a strategic review into the Tasmanian floods of June and July 2016 that affected many Tasmanian communities and businesses.


2 Jun 2017

This publication collects the top level outcomes of recent workshops and, in doing so, presents a broader set of national research priorities in natural hazards emergency management by identifying end user motivated national priorities across major themes.



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