30 Jan 2019

SVA’s strategy consultants share their thoughts and observations about developing and implementing strategy in the social sector.


Towards a healthier future
27 Nov 2018


Substantial improvements in life expectancy over the past 100 years mean that people are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

However, England lags behind other countries on many key health outcomes, improvements in life expectancy have stalled and health inequalities...


30 Oct 2018

Malcolm Garrow, Executive Director, Consulting at Social Ventures Australia explores the importance of being intentional about who to engage in the strategy development process, and offers guidance on how to do it well.


24 Jul 2018

The Infrastructure Decision-making Principles provide guidelines to drive greater transparency and accountability in infrastructure decision-making.


26 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence technologies will disrupt warfighters and warfighting, ushering in algorithmic warfare and irrevocably changing our operational art and the character of war.


20 Jul 2017

After ten years in the sector, SVA Consulting reflects on the strategies and interventions that deliver the most impact.


15 Jul 2016

Victoria in Future 2016 (VIF2016) is the official state government projection of population and households. Projections are used by decision makers across government and in other areas. The results are driven by assumptions concerning demographic and land use trends.

Projections are based on the...


27 Apr 2016

This article is an opinion piece published by The Interpereter - Lowy Institute for International Policy. It was written shortly after the Australia's new cyber security policy was released in April 2016. The piece discusses the disadvantage of having the strategy's deliverables portioned into six...

Journal article

26 Apr 2016


Australia’s strategic environment is most influenced by three factors: the status of the US-China relationship, America’s willingness to defend the rules-based global order in Asia, and the stability of the Asian region. This commentary examines the 2016 Defence White Paper’s analysis of...

Discussion paper

31 Mar 2016

This discussion paper addresses what effective engagement means and how it works in policy development and implementation.

This is the second discussion paper for the Lowitja Institute on government engagement with First Peoples in Australia provides a review and policy analysis of national, State...

Conference paper

8 Jun 2015

The automotive industry is mostly known for its large concentration on a few global players. However the industry also encompasses a series of small and medium-sized enterprises, either as suppliers or as value adders, focused on smaller submarkets. This paper focuses on the specific situation...


24 Mar 2015

Have you ever wondered how your workspace management is measuring up?

Determining workspace density is the first step towards more effective and efficient office accommodation management. And yet so many businesses are having trouble measuring workspace density correctly!

This benchmark report is the...


26 Jan 2015

Focuses on the lessons to be learned from the US experience in Afghanistan to date, and the problems Afghanistan faces now that most US and allied combat forces have left.

Summary The report focuses on the lessons that need to be learned from...


22 Sep 2014

Drawing on best practices in strategic thinking about land power, this paper is intended to provide the Australian Army with the philosophical guidance for achieving its mission.


War and warfare continue to plague the human race. War remains the most complex...


16 Sep 2014

Australia asserts sovereignty to 42% of the Antarctic continent and has a long involvement in Antarctic exploration and science. Australia also has important economic and environmental interests in the Great Southern Ocean. We are an original signatory to the Antarctic Treaty which, among other things,...


11 Sep 2014

Sets out the response required in New Zealand to a case of probable and/or confirmed poliomyelitis (polio) caused by a wild-type poliovirus or by a vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV).

Key points

Poliovirus is still endemic in a number of countries. Afghanistan, Nigeria and...


1 Sep 2014

A new report argues that ‘countries that invest in strategic thinking and planning have more capacity to deliver better quality.’ Now that report is actually on foreign policy and as we’ve seen recently Australia has a role to play in world affairs and it’s important...

Journal article

1 Mar 2012

This paper contributes to the debate on the role of real options theory in business strategy and organizational decision-making. It analyses and critiques the decision-making and performance implications of real options within the management theories of the (multinational) firm, reviews and categorizes the organizational, strategic...

Journal article

16 Feb 2010

This note presents a contingent-claims approach to strategic capacity planning. We develop models for capacity choice and expansion decisions in a single firm environment where investment is irreversible and demand is uncertain. These models illustrate specifically the relevance of path-dependent options analysis to planning capacity...



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