Stolen generations (Australia)


11 Jun 2019

This report presents analyses of selected outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who live in households with members of the Stolen Generations. It shows these children are more likely, than comparable other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, to experience a range of...


15 Aug 2018

This report provides estimated numbers and demographic characteristics of the Stolen Generations and descendants using a series of ABS surveys. It also presents a range of health and socioeconomic outcomes for the Stolen Generations and descendants, and differences with Indigenous and non-Indigenous comparison groups, to...


23 May 2017

Australia’s ageing Stolen Generations are still struggling with the impacts of unresolved trauma, and need a new policy approach to assist them and their families to heal.


11 Feb 2016

Executive summary

This report is a review of the first two years of projects funded under the Healing Foundation’s Stolen Generations Initiative 2013-2015.

The removal of Stolen Generations members from their families, identity, land, language and culture continues to have a profound...


28 Feb 2015

What was our aim?

In 2014 the National Sorry Day Committee sought feedback from its federal government partners as to the feasibility of a fourth Stolen Generations Working Partnership Scorecard. Due to the profound changes in the machinery of government, however, we found...

Journal article

19 Aug 2014

This article argues that it is imperative that psychologists working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today have a deep understanding of the impact of the traumatic history of the Stolen Generations.


The ‘Stolen Generations’ refers to Aboriginal children who...


29 Feb 2012

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are highly over-represented in out of home care statistics. Around half of these children are in kinship care, a family arrangement that for Aboriginal people sits uncomfortably with the concept of ‘out of home care.’ Despite the number of...


18 Jun 2010

This article outlines Government investments made in Indigenous reconcilliation to date and identifies future priority areas including access to services; healing; improvments to the justice system, and education.


20 Feb 2010

This website features oral history interviews with people who were involved in or affected by the removal of Indigenous children from their families.

This important oral history project was funded by the Commonwealth Government in 1997 in response to the first recommendation of Bringing...


21 Apr 2008

This submission welcomes the Bill and supports its broad objectives of providing reparations to indigenous Australians who were directly affected by Australian governments' policies of removing indigenous and part-indigenous children from their parents.


11 Mar 2008

The Stolen Generations of Aboriginal Children Act 2006 was passed unanimously by both Houses of Parliament in Tasmania in November 2006. The act made provision for a $5 million fund to provide payments to eligible members of the stolen generations of Aborigines and their children....


Response to government to the national apology to the Stolen Generations
13 Feb 2008

Tom Calma, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, was asked by the Stolen Generations Alliance and the National Sorry Day Committee to respond to the Apology.


4 Feb 2008

On 26 May 1997 the report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, entitled Bringing Them Home , was tabled in parliament. It received widespread publicity the following day at the Australian Reconciliation Convention in...


15 Apr 1997

First published in 1997, this report has formed the basis for the Australian Government's 2008 apology to the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal people taken from their families.

"Grief and loss are the predominant themes of this report. Tenacity and survival are also acknowledged. It...



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