Economic indicators


20 Mar 2019

This report finds the link between productivity and compensation in Australia remains robust under existing institutional arrangements, although this does not preclude the possibility of further reforms that could boost productivity, worker compensation and improve the distribution of productivity gains.


20 Mar 2019

We’re doing better than many comparable countries, but that’s not enough, says Carmela Chivers.

Discussion paper

19 Mar 2019

The Australia Institute has reviewed economic modelling of climate policies released by Brian Fisher, of BAEconomics. The review shows that BAEconomics’ modelling is based on flawed assumptions and its conclusions are not valid.


15 Mar 2019

This brief provides some background data on domestic and international economies. It includes summaries of recent economic data, their underlying drivers, and discussion of the key issues and concerns arising from interpretation of these data.


15 Mar 2019

The aim of this briefing is to provide some context for the 2019-20 Budget based on the latest economic and fiscal forecasts released at the 2018-19 MYEFO in December 2018. The figures are current at the time of publication but the government’s economic and fiscal...

Briefing paper

13 Mar 2019

This report argues that a coal project proposed near Kingaroy, Queensland, is unlikely to provide benefit in a local economy based on services and agriculture. It imposes uncertainty and costs on other industries and the community. Policy makers should rule the project out on economic...


12 Mar 2019

This speech, by Reserve Bank Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle, examines how climate change affects the objectives of monetary policy and some of the challenges that arise in thinking about climate change.


8 Mar 2019

This report presents a self-assessment of the administration of Australia’s foreign investment framework against the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) for 2017-18.

Working paper

6 Mar 2019

We derive a measure of the relatedness between economic activities based on weighted correlations of local employment shares, and use this measure to estimate city and activity complexity. Our approach extends discrete measures used in previous studies by recognising the extent of activities' local over-representation...


4 Mar 2019

Australia’s youth unemployment rate is stagnating at the levels seen in the early 2000s, despite 28 years of economic growth. This analysis from the Brotherhood of St Laurence maps the 20 worst “hotspot” regions for youth unemployment, and confirms many regional and outer suburban areas...


1 Mar 2019

Providing information on each Australian state and territory's merchandise and services trade with the world, for each state/territory, trade data is presented by level of processing, major merchandise export and import commodities, major merchandise trading partners and regions; and services trade data is also presented...


20 Feb 2019

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) commissioned NZIER to estimate the macroeconomic and regional economic impacts of the government decision to ban the granting of new oil and gas exploration permits outside onshore Taranaki.

Policy report

19 Feb 2019

The principles of free market, liberal, democratic capitalism are under assault, argues Emeritus Professor Wolfgang Kasper in this essay.


7 Feb 2019

This paper argues that to increase potential growth, Russia needs comprehensive economic and institutional reforms that, in turn, will be conditioned by political reforms and by improved economic and political relationships with the United States, the European Union and Russia’s neighbours.

Working paper

5 Feb 2019

This paper uses firm-level data from the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) to measure the dispersion in labour productivity for six Australian industries (manufacturing; construction; retail trade; wholesale trade; professional, scientific and technical services; and administrative and support services).


4 Feb 2019

This publication analyses the growth, direction and commodity breakdown of Australia's trade over the past three years. It also includes individual reports showing the composition of trade with Australia's top 25 trading partners and selected country groups. Also included is a section on Australia's trade...

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2019

Nick Dyrenfurth argues that for too long statistics have been hiding the real economic story. Consider the latest unemployment data - ostensibly good news. But ask anyone who is working or looking for work and you’ll hear a different story.


Australia’s 2013-18 job creation in historical perspective
30 Jan 2019

This paper reviews Australia’s job-creation record over the past five years, on the basis of year-end employment data recently published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Its aim is to evaluate claims that the pace of employment creation during that period (with 1.1 million net...


30 Jan 2019

Labor’s economic policies might seem like a life raft to the Coalition, writes Paul Rodan.


22nd CEO survey: key findings for New Zealand
21 Jan 2019

This report highlights a trend of pessimism regarding economic growth, as New Zealand CEOs feel increasingly uncertain about the economic future. The survey also gauged CEO's attitudes towards AI as well as data and analytics.



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