14 Feb 2019

How love works on our mind, body and soul – and why we want to write music about it, according to five Melbourne Uni scientists.


15 Nov 2018

This report provides a detailed examination of the live music sector in the Northern Territory.

Policy report

16 Aug 2018

A response is needed to the numerous issues spurred by the expansion of the gig economy, where flexible patterns of employment prevail in contrast to permanent jobs. In this context of the exponential growth of the digital economy and underlying business models the largest nationwide...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Melbourne group Boom Crash Opera’s 1987 single ‘City Flat’ is a musically exuberant (though according to at least one critic, lyrically ‘fairly bleak’) single celebrating a sparse inner-Melbourne lifestyle in which limited means enhance and highlight minor pleasures: coffee, kitchens, hanging out. Now just thirty...

Conference paper

Post-Punk and Post-Post-Punk
18 Jun 2018

This paper uses contemporary documentation, interviews and maps to highlight the different types of music careers, and modes of “making it”, seen in the 1986 feature film Dogs in Space. The film concerns a fictional band of the same name, based on The Ears, a...


15 Jun 2018

This guide is written for those interested in developing and expanding the benefits that the evening and night time economy have created around the globe. It is written for mayors and their advisors, economic development professionals, tourism agencies, cultural bodies and night time professionals, including...


20 Apr 2018

Music Victoria has released the complete findings from the 2017 Melbourne Live Music Census


12 Apr 2018

The second Melbourne Live Music Census, conducted on Saturday 25 November 2017, analysed the climate of Melbourne’s live music industry and found it to be not only healthy, but flourishing.

Draft report

26 Feb 2018

This draft code is part of a comprehensive package of measures strongly supported by LPA’s Executive Council to deal with discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Discussion paper

1 Jan 2018

This sixth edition of CAMEo Cuts focusses on the emerging economy of Grime music. The music industry is a significant economic sector that ought to provide earning opportunities for a wide variety of young people who have the necessary skills, interests and talents. And yet,...


14 Oct 2017

This report examines the impact of the European Union Youth Orchestra on the professional development of young musicians, including future employment opportunities, and on their perception of different European attributes and dimensions.


31 Jul 2017

As a growing body of research demonstrates, gender inequality is a defining feature of work and careers in the creative industries. Data from around the world shows that simply by virtue of their gender, women experience a marked disadvantage in key creative and leadership roles...


27 Jun 2017

Adelaide: A City of Music’ celebrates our identity as a global music city and is intended to cement Adelaide’s place as a world leading music city as recognised by its designation as a City of Music by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This three-year Action...


1 May 2017

This website contains hundreds of news articles, videos, analysis and in-depth reports on the right of artists to freedom of expression, as well as with issues relating to human rights and artistic freedoms generally.


10 Mar 2017

The Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Tasmanian and West Australian Symphony Orchestras welcome the delivery of this major report on world’s best practice in occupational health and safety for orchestral musicians.


30 Dec 2016

A rare collection of early Australian Indigenous folk songs is providing a valuable insight into our history.

The Mission Songs project, curated by singer Jessie Lloyd, is bringing together songs from the Aboriginal mission days, making sure they're not lost or forgotten.



8 Nov 2016

This thesis presents an analysis of Herbs’ record album What’s Be Happen? The album has been recognised in Aotearoa New Zealand for being at the forefront of Pacific reggae, for its ground-breaking social commentary on important issues and conflicts in New Zealand in the 1970s...


20 Sep 2016

The Music Cities Toolkit has been designed to provide Canadian chambers of commerce with a roadmap and guide to activate the power of music in their city.


12 Apr 2016

Executive summary

Today we are at a crucial moment in the evolution of recorded music. After two decades of almost uninterrupted decline, 2015 witnessed key milestones for recorded music: measurable revenue growth globally; consumption of music exploding everywhere; and digital revenues overtaking income...


1 Jan 2016

Sound Travels constructs a biographical narrative of musician, musical director, showman and entrepreneur Ernest Kaleihoku Kaai (b. Honolulu 1881 – d. Florida 1962). It takes into account the extent of his musical practice and the scale of his touring in the Asia Pacific region at...



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