Cultural pluralism


18 Jan 2018

In this chapter, Robert Hattam explores notions of citizenship and global citizenship through the prism of the culturally responsive school.


11 Oct 2017

We examine the phenomenon of globalisation as it affects New Zealand. We look at its impact on New Zealand and ask whether it is a force which has had its day (peak globalisation) or is it continuing to morph and evolve.


4 Jul 2016

Media is a mirror society holds up to itself.

Media records our lives and the world around us through news and factual content; it explores our hopes and fears, demons and desires, through creative content. When media represents the stories of only part of...

Working paper

13 Jan 2016

This project explores the dynamic trajectories that ‘Hazara Afghan Australian Muslims’ take as they negotiate through their multiple sense of identities in each of these categories. The investigation into the lives of Hazara Australians raises important questions and provides some interesting results. More than anything...


24 Sep 2015

This report is an outcome of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Australia Council and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNSECO) Bangkok to promote cultural diversity in the Asia-Pacific, signed in 2012. The report aims to contribute to understanding and debate of...


15 Apr 2015

This set of resources aims to support practitioners in the child, family and community sectors working with teenagers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in particular refugees and newly arrived migrants.


In addition to navigating the typical developmental tasks of adolescence,...


1 Jun 2014

Rethinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education Project Report Number 2: Perspectives on Multiculturalism is the second report of Rethinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education (RMRME), an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project between the University of Western Sydney (UWS), the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and...


3 May 2013


Background: Several overseas studies have identified that people in ethnic minority groups are at greater risk during heatwaves. However, there is a paucity of information on this issue in Australia. With a highly multicultural society, it is important that vulnerable subpopulations...

Journal article

20 Feb 2013

This study tests the feasibility of using nationally representative General Social Surveys for examining trends and patterns in gambling problems and other life stressors amongst the Australian Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) population.


4 Oct 2010

In order to support the arts sector in developing its thinking and practice as well as to inform its own work over the coming years, The Irish Arts Council has developed this policy and strategy for cultural diversity in the arts.

The policy...


7 Jun 2010

This report provides a broad understanding of the range of experiences and barriers in accessing and using ICT to communicate about health and wellbeing, and policy and practice options for future development and experimentation when working with CALD communities.

The report...

Conference paper

8 Jul 2009

Can this term provide researchers, practitioners, and policy makers with a better ability to monitor and respond to their level of social exclusion and inequity to services, opportunities and representation, as the basis for promoting ethnic equality in the future, asks this paper.



16 Mar 2009

The report focuses on how mentoring practices and policies in Australia can best meet the needs of young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, with a focus on young people from the Horn of Africa. In this study, people from the Horn of Africa...


22 Jan 2009

Universal Design principles aim to overcome the marginalization of people with diverse abilities by designing facilities and spaces physically accessible to all. But what can be done to ensure cultural inclusiveness? This research partnership between Penrith City Council and the University of Western Sydney investigated...


1 Feb 2006

This study reports on the availability of information about HIV prevention in Victoria for communities from the Horn of Africa, Arabic-speaking, Vietnamese and Thai. It investigates perceptions and understandings of HIV in these communities, and how appropriate available information is to their cultural backgrounds and...



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