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20 Feb 2019

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) commissioned NZIER to estimate the macroeconomic and regional economic impacts of the government decision to ban the granting of new oil and gas exploration permits outside onshore Taranaki.


14 Feb 2019

This report highlights the persistent practice of oil and gas executives being incentivised to chase growth for the sake of growth, and details why this isn’t in shareholders’ best interests. Despite the focus on “value over volume” of the last few years, the vast majority...

Journal article

31 Oct 2018

The potential development of an oil industry in the Great Australian Bight provides a number of opportunities and challenges. Potentially, the development may affect local communities, regional economies and the environment. Developing a baseline, before any development takes place, enables changes due to the development...


19 Sep 2018

This report supports the current review that the Australian government is undertaking into Australia’s liquid fuel security and urges the government to fully explore the links as it assesses the adequacy, reliability and affordability of Australia’s physical oil stocks.


4 Sep 2017

A surprise agreement in the Timor Sea boundary dispute vindicates Timor-Leste’s strategy. Michael Leach explains.


23 Aug 2017

This resource outlines the Australian government's response to the report by the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee, in relation to the inquiry into oil or gas production in the Great Australian Bight.


28 Apr 2017


Timor-Leste is a country increasingly able to stand on its own two feet. At least, that is the sense within Timor-Leste. The success of Timor-Leste’s presidential elections in March 2017 and the prospect of successful parliamentary elections again in early July have...

Journal article

1 Jan 2017

The aim of this study is to explore how social and environmental disclosures are used to manage reputation during a major incident, through the use of British Petroleum Plc's (BP) Gulf of Mexico crisis as a case study. It is argued that reputation is distinct...


28 Oct 2016

Mining can play a vital role on the sustainable development of some of the world’s poorest countries, yet many countries that are most economically dependent on mining would benefit from improved governance, according to a new report published by the International Council of Mining and...

Briefing paper

16 Feb 2016

After a decade of discussions, China and Russia finally signed a $400 billion, 30 year gas deal in May 2014. But it was only a month later that world oil prices began a steady descent, reshaping China’s outlook towards energy security, and its viewpoint towards...

Briefing paper

23 Mar 2015

Blue whale populations were devastated in the last century by commercial whaling, which reduced blue whales from a quarter of a million to just a few hundred animals. Australian waters are home to both the Antarctic blue whale and a smaller sub- species, the pygmy...


2 Feb 2015

South Australia's University of Adelaide is researching the social structure of Eyre Peninsula communities to determine potential impacts from oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

It is part of a four-year, $20 million collaborative science program between oil giant BP, the...


28 Jan 2015

Not everyone is going to be better off at the back end of the current oil price cycle.


The fall in oil prices in the second half of 2014 was both dramatic and unexpected, bringing to an end a four-year period...


30 Jun 2014

This report analyses the complex system of laws, agencies, and processes that regulate New Zealand's oil and gas industry.


In part due to the technique of hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’, more wells are being drilled in Taranaki and the amount of...


15 Jun 2005

The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin houses “Alberta's oil sands (who) lie like a black ribbon across a 120-million-year -old seashore, now buried below lush wetlands and virgin boreal forest” (Lustgarten, 2005). The oil sands are an important source Canadian crude oil, placing Canada second in...


24 Mar 2003

This brief examines the likely macroeconomic effects of war with Iraq, implications for oil prices as well as business and consumer confidence and the effect on Australia's level of activity, trade flows, employment and inflation.


22 May 2001

The rise in fuel prices has stimulated interest in how crude oil produced in Australia is taxed. This Research Note outlines the Commonwealth's crude oil excise and royalties regimes, complementing an earlier Note on the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (Research Note No. 20 2000-01).



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