Mines and mineral resources

Briefing paper

18 Dec 2019

Critical minerals are an essential component of the transition to a low-carbon and clean energy future. This paper argues that there is no single policy solution that can address this multifaceted issue, but there is scope for bipartisan progress on incremental steps.


7 Nov 2019

This paper explores how China has strategised its monopoly on rare earth commodities and the impact of that action at the geopolitical level. It also examines how countries such as Australia and the U.S may navigate around that monopolisation, which will also have implications at...


9 Oct 2019

Rare earths — a set of 17 metal elements — have a wide range of high technology applications. This report argues that any attempt by China to impose an export embargo on rare earths or downstream products would be the catalyst for the development of...


Mapping the landscape for Australian suppliers
1 Oct 2019

This report highlights the potential for Australia to become a major exporter of critical minerals products to meet growing industrial and technology needs.

Discussion paper

17 Sep 2019

This Productivity Commission study aims to identify effective regulatory approaches, highlight examples of best practice regulation in Australia and internationally, and examine where successful relationships have been developed between the resources sector and the communities in which resources companies operate.


A roadmap to industrial diversification and regional growth
30 Aug 2019

Diversifying Western Australia’s economy to develop emerging new sectors including defence, lithium, big data and tourism would create more than 163,000 new jobs in Western Australia within the next five years, according to this report.


28 Aug 2019

This research finds that the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine is unlikely to be in the WA community interest. Aside from the environmental risks inherent in uranium mining, the feasibility study for the proposal uses improbable market scenarios and does not illustrate a credible range...


19 Aug 2019

This report outlines environmental criteria that mine operators can use to demonstrate they have successfully and sustainably rehabilitated their site after mining. While the new guidance primarily targets the resources sector, other industries can potentially use the guidance when undertaking ecological restoration.


8 Jul 2019

This report argues that the expansion in the exploitation of fossil fuel resources that Australia is planning goes against the global efforts to combat climate change and is not consistent with the global energy transition required to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

Briefing paper

22 May 2019

This report examines how governments and businesses in the Indo-Pacific can respond to the critical materials challenge. It analyses the economic, social, environmental and geopolitical challenges facing critical materials, and identifies strategies for developing 21st Century value-chains that more effectively meet the needs of both...


17 May 2019

Australia has a history of handing vast wealth to resource and mining magnates and companies and then watching them use that wealth to undermine our democracy, writes Warwick Smith.


28 Mar 2019

Global demand for Australian resources has broadened in recent years to include minerals used in a range of emerging high-tech applications, across a variety of sectors. This strategy outlines the Australian government’s policy framework for the critical minerals market.


20 Mar 2019

The bulk of this report deals with issues relating to the rehabilitation of mining and resources projects in Australia. Issues relating to the rehabilitation of power station ash dams, examined under the inquiry's expanded terms of reference, are dealt with in a standalone chapter of...


8 Mar 2019

Commissioned by Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with RMIT University and Monash University, this report analyses the current state of critical minerals in Australia and highlights key areas for further study.


20 Feb 2019

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) commissioned NZIER to estimate the macroeconomic and regional economic impacts of the government decision to ban the granting of new oil and gas exploration permits outside onshore Taranaki.


14 Feb 2019

This strategy document outlines the Australian government’s policy and long-term reform agenda for the Australian resources sector.


5 Feb 2019

By far the largest mining endeavor globally is digging up sand, mainly for the concrete that goes into buildings. But this little-noticed and largely unregulated activity has serious costs — damaging rivers, wreaking havoc on coastal ecosystems, and even wiping away entire islands.

Discussion paper

14 Dec 2018

This discussion paper explores how Fossil Fuel Free Zones (FFFZs) could contribute to action on climate change.


3 Dec 2018

This report calls for government action to stem rampant casualisation of full-time mining jobs in order to improve the industry’s social and economic return to the regional communities that support it.


8 Oct 2018

Gas exploration is being undertaken in the Wide Bay Burnett region. This report argues that development of gasfields would present a risk to the region’s diverse services, tourism, agricultural and manufacturing economies.



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