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Working paper

26 Jan 2017

This paper looks at place-based stigma within communities by mapping social networks and relationships within sub-sections of a disadvantaged urban Tasmanian community. This provides a unique lens for understanding disadvantaged urban places, particularly when laying the foundation for community development strategies to address disadvantage and...


3 Feb 2016

Drawing on stories and statistics from the first national study of intersex, this book argues for a distinct framework to address intersex issues and identity, foregrounding people with intersex variations’ own goals, perspectives and experiences.


3 Dec 2015

This study aimed to determine the nature and relative intensity of stigma for problem gambling in Victoria, and to analyse how this stigma is perceived and experienced by different groups. It also considered how stigma may impede treatment and interventions among first-time and relapsed help...


22 Feb 2015

As part of a Background Briefing series on mental illness in the work place, Di Martin spoke to Justice Shane Marshall of the Federal Court. In an Australian first, the judge spoke candidly about his struggles with depression and the mental health issues that face...



6 Nov 2014

In the workplace, more so than society in general, mental illness continues to lurk quietly and relatively freely, writes Sam Ryan.


The workplace is a breeding ground for mental illness stigma: where increasing pressure (203) creates and exacerbates stress, and increasing...


10 Oct 2014

This paper seeks to identify the nature of the stigma attached to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions in the Australian Army, and the negative implications of such a stigma on the individual, the workplace and the Army as a whole....


29 May 2014

About one in five Australians is grappling with a mental illness at some point in his life and the number is growing. Stigma is - still today - the main obstacle to progress in the field of mental health. Why is this stigma so difficult...


15 Mar 2014

This paper argues that the heroin trade had an effect analogous to ‘resource curse’, and has been a major source of continuing disadvantage and social harm to the Vietnamese Australian community.


Australia has a substantial Vietnamese community, a consequence of the...


An Evidence Check review brokered by the Sax Institute for beyondblue and funded through donations from The Movember Foundation.
30 Aug 2013

Interventions to review were identified by searching online databases and grey literature. The interventions reviewed were limited to those which specifically targeted depression and anxiety disorders, or which targeted mental illness more broadly but included an assessment of changes in stigmatising attitudes towards depression, anxiety...



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