Community-based family services

Discussion paper

15 May 2019

This is a study about government expenditure on children and family services in the Northern Territory. It will focus on funding arrangements for services and programs that are relevant to the prevention of harm to children, and will examine ways to improve those funding arrangements...

Position paper

12 Apr 2019

Australia's peak body for social services has released its community services election policy. It is calling on all parties to properly resource community services, and build a policy framework that ensures those services are high quality.


20 Nov 2018

This study demonstrates the value added by smaller community service organisations in Australia, in the context of changes in the commissioning of government-funded services. Case studies were conducted in four states, with four non-profit providers of support to young people in their transition to work....

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

Knowledge and research are very limited around services and supports which promote successful reunifications. Furthermore, assessments of effectiveness generally use ‘rate of reunification’ as their primary outcome measure and do not monitor program impact after children have been returned. Given the high level of reunification...

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

There is growing evidence that reunifying children with their birth families is often unsuccessful. UK figures suggest that around 30 percent of reunified children will return to care within five years. Insights from evaluations of successful reunification programs are needed to develop effective reunification practices,...


Supporting young people with at-risk behaviour to live successfully in their communities
1 Oct 2018

This report, from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, looks to the future of how we care for young people with high risk and alleged offending behaviour, and the way we support them to live successfully in the community.


6 Sep 2018

This industry plan presents a unified vision for the Victorian community services industry and the actions required to achieve this vision.


Overview of services and service provider perspectives
31 Aug 2018

This report contains the results of a mixed methods research study exploring the characteristics and activities of Department of Social Services’ funded Family and Relationship Services (FaRS) and Specialised Family Violence Services (SFVS). The results from this research will help to inform future service delivery...


Findings from the Early Intervention Research Directorate desktop evaluations
16 Apr 2018

Professor Leah Bromfield, Co-Director at the Australian Centre for Child Protection presented the findings from the EIRD Desktop Evaluations.


Early Intervention Research Directorate - Positive Future’s research collaboration
11 Apr 2018

Associate Professor Alwin Chong, Director of the Positive Futures Research Collaboration at the University of South Australia, spoke about their role in providing cultural leadership across EIRD, which was badged as the Aboriginal Research Engagement and Communication Strategy.


21 Feb 2018

This paper is part 3 in a series on reunification for children in out-of-home care. It describes selected research which has documented factors which predict reunification breakdowns and considers ways in which reunification decision-making can be improved.


6 Feb 2018

This survey of 385 not for profit organisations identified a significant under-investment in IT, with many organisations using systems that aren’t working well enough to provide efficient services.

Journal article

31 Jan 2018

This research examined iTaukei women's awareness and practice of family planning methods. The research was conducted in New Zealand and Fiji to ascertain differences in behaviour within the context of changing developmental settings.


16 Jan 2018

AbSec has undertaken a limited review of parenting supports that aim to build the parenting capacities of Aboriginal parents. Specifically, six case studies have been developed reporting on the organisation and parenting program(s) delivered including the dynamics of service delivery, the rationale for program and...


1 Dec 2017

This paper describes the number of children entering and leaving care and time taken to reunification. It describes child and family factors that make it more or less likely that reunification will occur.


1 Dec 2017

The safe reunification of children in out-of-home care with their families is the policy priority in every Australian state. However knowledge and research in this area is very limited. This summary outlines research on reunification success rates and the consequences of reunification failure.

Technical report

23 Nov 2017

This report sets out the background, methodology and findings from the 2016 administration of the Parenting Today in Victoria survey involving 2600 parents of children aged zero through 18 years, residing in the state of Victoria.


6 Oct 2017

This report from the Queensland government provides a progress update of the child and family support reform program.


8 Sep 2017

Information sharing has been at the heart of the Troubled Families programme from the start, providing the intelligence local programmes need to identify families, understand their needs and demonstrate their progress. Local authorities depend on local public services providing access to their data and intelligence...


5 Jul 2017

The Victorian government has released new details of Australia’s first Support and Safety Hubs, which will be established in Victoria to protect women and children from violence.



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