Results of the 6th national survey of Australian secondary students and sexual health
11 Jun 2019

This survey is a national study exploring the sexual health and well-being of Australian adolescents. The anonymous survey asks questions about knowledge, behaviour and educational experiences related to sexual health and well-being. The Commonwealth Department of Health-funded study has been conducted approximately every five years...

Journal article

2 Dec 2018

The purpose of this study is to explore fat women’s experiences of sex and sexuality in Aotearoa New Zealand. Despite a growing body of literature within fat studies, there is still very little writing that considers the lived experiences of fat people. This research is...


19 Feb 2018

A full copy of Oxfam’s final internal report into allegations of sexual misconduct and other unacceptable behaviour during Oxfam’s humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake has been made public.


7 Dec 2017

This research found a growing evidence base showing that adolescents’ use of pornography can negatively influence their knowledge about sex, safe sex practices, gender roles, and could lead them to have unrealistic expectations about sex.


7 Aug 2017

There are calls for more training for teachers to help them deal with problematic sexual behaviour in primary schools.

Discussion paper

20 May 2017

The Australian Government has released this discussion paper for consultation on the prohibition of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.


Results of the 5th national survey of Australian secondary students and sexual health
4 Apr 2014

Results of the fifth National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health provide a picture of teenagers demonstrating similar sexual behaviours to those in previous surveys, with individuals generally acting responsibly and being mostly happy about the choices they make.

Book review

12 Jul 2013

Review Details Date: 12 July 2013 Author: Frank Bongiorno Publisher: Australian Review of Public Affairs (ARPA) Owning Institution(s): University of Sydney

Book Details Title: Norman Haire and the Study of Sex Publisher: Sydney University Press Date Published: 2012 Author/s: Diana Wyndham

His name...


20 Jun 2013

Abstract: This investigation into the online male sex trade in Melbourne explores the Internet's rise in popularity as a marketplace for male sex workers (MSWs). It examines the ways in which clients and workers engage with the Internet, as well as the effect(s) of this...


14 Feb 2011

Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hardcore.

Technology has played a significant role in these shifts. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure...


18 Nov 2010

Executive Summary


This is the third of the Writing Themselves In national reports which have been conducted six years apart since 1998. In 2010, a total of 3134 same sex attracted and gender questioning (SSAGQ) young people participated in Writing...


2 Mar 2008

The Living with HIV Program is a part of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University. The program conducts social research into the lived experience of HIV.

The HIV Futures New Zealand 2 survey was completed by...


27 Mar 2007

Licensing of the sex industry is often seen as a better form of regulation than criminalisation or partial criminalisation. Thomas Crofts and Tracey Summerfield compare various Australian and New Zealand licensing models and their impact.


14 May 2006

While some developing countries have begun researching male-to-male sexual activities and interests, many gaps exist in the understanding of sexual networking within MSM populations, and between MSM populations and wider populations.

This study was commissioned by Family Health International (FHI) and undertaken by the...


21 Jul 2004

Dean Murphy, Patrick Rawstorne, Martin Holt and Dermot Ryan investigate online chat sites as environments in which gay men can socialise and look for sex partners. They find that the sites are social as well as sexual environments and support or mediate a range of...


1 Aug 2001

Executive summary

Living Safer Sexual Lives was a three year Victorian Health Promotion Foundation funded action research project undertaken at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University. The project was established to gain an understanding of...


1 Feb 1998

This 1998 report is about young people who are attracted to their own sex. The need for accurate baseline figures about young people of non-heterosexual orientation has developed as part of a general concern about the spread of the HIV virus into the adolescent population...



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