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28 Feb 2019

Many border communities experience complex and unique challenges in accessing justice and have a proportionally higher demand for legal services than other parts of Victoria and New South Wales. This report, by Victoria Legal Aid and Legal Aid NSW, outlines how the commissions will improve...

Conference paper

The establishment of Redfern Legal Centre 1977
29 Jun 2018

On 14 March 1977, the first non-Indigenous community legal centre in New South Wales, established in Redfern Town Hall, opened its doors to clients. The centre has become an icon in Australian legal history and developed a number of other centres critical to the provision...

Briefing paper

30 Jun 2017

This paper describes the development of the Foundation’s Need for Legal Assistance (NLAS) indicator which uses census data to assess potential demand by geographic location.


15 Jan 2017

Victoria Legal Aid partnered with Analytics for Change to analyse our client data over a ten year period, from 2006-2016. Key demographic characteristics of clients were analysed, including age, location and type of service received.



28 Oct 2016

It is becoming increasingly difficult to take this government seriously.

Minister for Employment and Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, cancelled a planned meeting with the states, the one chance she had this year to talk domestic violence leave with all the industrial relations ministers,...

Audio interview

9 Sep 2016

The Australian Bar Association (ABA) says legal aid is in crisis, but it's unlikely that federal or state governments will commit extra funds. ABA President, Patrick O'Sullivan QC, says existing government funding is inadequate and proposes a new funding model which could include a levy...

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10 Aug 2016

In early 2013 the Community Legal Education Program (CLE) at Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) planned a project to develop an interactive mobile phone application, offering targeted, relevant and free legal information to young people on legal issues that affected them.

It came at a...

Fact sheet

22 Jun 2016

A treatment order is a legal document that allows a hospital or mental health clinic to give you treatment for a mental illness. While you are on an order, you lose some of your rights and freedoms. You may have to stay in hospital. You...



18 May 2016

Barristers and solicitors have taken the unprecedented step of rallying to demand an increase in legal aid funding. Will it come to wigs on the picket lines?

It was at the polite end of the protest spectrum. As the hundreds of people rallying...


17 Mar 2016

The paper provides compelling new evidence from the Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey demonstrating the lower legal capability of multiply disadvantaged people. The most disadvantaged respondents were found to be significantly more likely to take no action in response to their legal problems. In addition, when...


15 Feb 2016

This report represents a snapshot of how the world has tried to develop mechanisms to protect children’s rights and ensure that there are remedies for violations of children’s rights.

Summary Access to justice is a human right, but it is also what makes...


7 Dec 2015

Great expectations accompany many community legal education and information (CLEI) strategies - as tools to empower, to prevent legal issues escalating and to improve access to justice. This paper seeks to identify what different CLEI strategies may actually provide. To move beyond the great expectations,...


12 Aug 2015

'Better to have a fence at the top of the cliff than a fleet of ambulances at the bottom'. Such is the call to early intervention: preventing legal problems from forming and escalating, rather than mopping up once the crisis has struck. The idea of...


17 Feb 2015

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Attorney‐General’s Department’s administration of the Indigenous Legal Assistance Programme.

Audit objectives and criteria

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Attorney-General’s Department’s administration of the Indigenous Legal Assistance Programme. To...


28 Oct 2014

Research conducted in June and July 2014 found strong community support for the services provided by Victoria Legal Aid.

More than 1500 people were consulted as part of the research, with 92 per cent of respondents agreeing that it was important or very important...


15 Oct 2014

The International Bar Association (IBA) is an organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies whose mission is to provide assistance to the global legal community with the aim of influencing the development of law reform and promoting the highest professional standards and the...


1 Feb 2014

Residents in outer-metropolitan areas have lower average income, poorer health and educational outcomes, lower employment participation rates and higher levels of youth disengagement than residents in inner-city areas.


27 Mar 2008

In the last 20 years, developed countries have struggled with what seemed to be an ever rising tide of asylum seekers, a trend that has now gone into reverse. This paper examines what happened and why. How have oppression, violence and economic conditions in origin...



27 Oct 2005

The evidence that private practitioners have disengaged from legal aid work clearly demonstrates that labour markets for legal aid in Australia have changed since 1990. Don Fleming and Ann Daly look at the factors contributing to this shift.

Released 6 October 2005

Discussion paper

6 Oct 2005

The evidence that private practitioners have disengaged from legal aid work clearly demonstrates that labour markets for legal aid in Australia have changed since 1990. Don Fleming and Ann Daly look at the factors contributing to this shift.

Released 6 October 2005



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