Australian Research Council Discovery Project report
2 Nov 2019

Accounting for half of the $138 billion Global Game Market, mobile games are now serious drivers in economic realms and beyond. This study is the first national survey of mobile games in Australian households.


19 Feb 2019

This is a practical toolkit for creating playspaces that are designed to be inclusive of everyone in the community. It was developed in consultation with advocacy and advisory groups representing over 50 stakeholders from local government, landscape architecture, disability advocates, industry representatives, parents and educators....


1 Jul 2018

‘Can I get there?’ ‘Can I play?’ ‘Can I stay?’

With the launch of Everyone Can Play, we want these three questions to be front and centre in the minds of everyone involved in creating and modernising playspaces across New South Wales. Whether you’re...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

This paper discusses the preliminary findings of surveys from senior primary school aged children. The questions from these surveys capture the participants’ travel patterns and their use of public places along with their play habits. The concept of ecological psychology, namely affordances, behaviour settings and...


19 May 2016

Community playgroups have significant social and economic benefits not just for children but also for their parents, particularly mothers, finds this report.

Relationships Matter: The Social and Economic Benefits of Community Playgroups , funded by Playgroup Australia and undertaken by RMIT University’s Centre...

Briefing paper

17 May 2016

This paper defines the types of supported playgroups and varying models of implementation in operation in Australia, and assesses the evaluation evidence for their benefits to parents and children.

Supported playgroups are playgroups run by a paid facilitator that aim to support families with...


1 Dec 2006

Constipation is defined as the infrequent passage of hard stools. Constipation is common during childhood, occurring in up to 25% of children. Low dietary fibre intake, slow transit time, coercive toilet training, and in some children abnormal contraction of the anal sphincters and pelvic floor...


1 Nov 2003

We are so used to seeing children and infants play that we tend to overlook its importance. How often do we hear the phrase 'it’s child’s play'? Any busy active baby demonstrates that it is anything but simple and straightforward. Play is the child’s daily...



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