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6 Dec 2017

Industry assistance schemes are seen sceptically in New Zealand policy circles but the NZIER modelling shows that the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, as the price of admission to international screen productions, positively influences the wider economy.


15 Nov 2017

With the Producer Offset now 10 years old, this report collates the experiences of producers and broadcasters to analyse its effects in a time of continued change.


6 Nov 2017

Provides an overview of China’s visual arts, live entertainment, film and video, video games and VR/AR sectors.


15 Oct 2017

The Drama Report covers the production of feature films, TV drama (mini-series, telemovies and series/serials) and online drama programs in Australia by financial year.

Discussion paper

12 Jan 2015

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Ministry for the Arts are undertaking a review of the Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (Subclass 420). The review is in support of the Australian Government's commitment to reducing the burden and cost of unnecessary or inefficient...

Fact sheet

13 May 2014

This article takes a closer look at people working in the screen industry, and their jobs. It builds on an experimental series published in 2012 that uses Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) to supplement the Screen Industry Survey.

The Screen Industry Survey is an annual...


30 Jun 2013

This paper argues that cinema's place in the media and entertainment economy is again being challenged.


Around three decades ago, multi-screen complexes began to transform the business and culture of cinema in Australia. New screens built in new locations and environments...

Journal article

28 Feb 2009

The development of global social networking sites using Web 2.0 technologies (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc.) is signalling a shift in media usage towards an environment in which the distinction between producer and consumer is less clearly defined. While audiences still demand and enjoy...


4 Dec 2008

This survey report reveals increases in foreign production and co-production activity, particularly TV drama. The survey covers all Australian and co-production titles made each year, as well foreign titles if they are shot in Australia or do post, digital or visual effects (PDV) work here....


29 Oct 2008

Screen Australia has released draft guidelines for comment covering development support, production financing and Indigenous programs.

Across the board the draft 2009 programs reflect Screen Australia's desire to help develop a vibrant Australian screen industry delivering quality Australian content that resonates with audiences, Fiona...


16 Sep 2008

Screen Australia's draft Statement of Intent (SOI) for 2008/09 responds to the Statement of Expectations (10) 2008/09 from the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts. SOIs are formal commitments by Screen Australia to meet the expectations of Government. They are intended to enhance...


14 Jun 2007

The Australian Government recently announced a comprehensive package of measures to significantly boost support for the Australian film and television industry, following the completion of the Review of Australian Government Film Funding Support. A series of media releases and fact sheets containing details of the...


23 Feb 2007

This annual report contains important industry statistics on production, employment, funding and release data. The current edition reports documentary production from 1996-97 to 2004-05 and reveals that Australian commercial free-to-air broadcasters spent $9.2 million on Australian documentary programming in 2004-05, up from $2.2 million in...


15 Jun 2005

Executive Summary

From 1906 to 1911, Australia was the most prolific producer of feature films in the world. During this period, Australian producers had easy access to cinema screens as supplies of overseas films were irregular.

This success began to decline in...


15 Jun 2004

This report on the film, animation, special effects and electronic games industries considers the need for Australian films to generate more audience appeal, the benefits of developing and exploiting intellectual property rather than relying on fee-for-service work and some of these industries’ future opportunities.



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