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29 Mar 2019

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Phoenix Taskforce to combat illegal phoenix activities.


7 Nov 2017

This paper sets out the size and nature of Australia’s red tape problem and describes the opportunities available to policymakers to boost economic growth without further calls on the Australian taxpayer.


12 Sep 2017

This webinar introduces the Common Legal Framework - a standard way of describing community solar projects.


3 Aug 2017

Market Forces’ latest research has found that 82 of Australia’s 100 largest superannuation funds disclose inadequate or no tangible evidence that they have considered the impact of climate risk on their investment portfolios.


1 Aug 2017

This guide provides detailed insights for the in-house profession, and includes case studies of pro bono legal services provided by some of Australia’s top organisations and guidance on how to create an effective in-house pro bono program.


23 Mar 2017

On 25 November 2015, the Senate referred the matter of inconsistencies and inadequacies of current criminal, civil and administrative penalties for corporate and financial misconduct or white-collar crime to the Economics References Committee for inquiry and report.

The terms of reference were as follows:...


13 Sep 2016

This paper reflects on legislative measures that address human rights issues in global supply chains and argues that the Australian government and companies should learn from measures taken in other jurisdictions in the face of urgent human rights abuses.

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21 Apr 2016

After facing criticism for years for being asleep at the wheel, the corporate watchdog ASIC is now entering a new era of corporate crime fighting, with the federal government restoring $127 million to its budget and increasing its powers to catch white collar criminals....


4 Dec 2015

The Australian Government commissioned an independent review to consider the capabilities of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The review is a forward-looking, whole-of-agency exercise that assesses ASIC’s ability to meet its current and future objectives and challenges. It is not a performance review....


8 Dec 2014

Designed to help franchisors to understand their rights and responsibilities under the new Franchising Code of Conduct, which commences on 1 January 2015.

Introduction The Franchising Code of Conduct is a mandatory industry code that applies to all of the parties to a...


26 Jun 2014

Overview: As the national corporate, markets and financial services regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is involved in most areas of Australia's commercial world. With the limited resources available to it, ASIC should be commended for how it performs certain functions and...


10 Aug 2006

Corporate social responsibility is back on the corporate law reform agenda. From an Australian perspective, the evidence for this is found in the simultaneous but separate inquiries that, at the time of writing this paper, are being conducted into this topic by the Australian Parliament’s...



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