Financial literacy


A report prepared for Financial Literacy Australia
5 Mar 2019

This report outlines the findings from a research project, funded by Financial Literacy Australia, exploring the gap between the demands on people aged over 65 to make financial decisions and their actual financial capability.


28 Nov 2018

This two-part report, released during Canada’s Financial Literacy Month, is the culmination of a PPF project that sought to identify ways to improve the financial literacy of millennials. Millennials are now one quarter of the Canadian population and the most important consumer segment in Canada....


13 Sep 2018

How do households with low and uncertain incomes cope with risk and strive to make ends meet?

Technical report

26 Jul 2018

The purpose of this report is to explain aspects of the legal framework for the Australian superannuation system, focusing on the rules that govern the use of members’ funds by trustees and other professional financial services providers in the superannuation system. It also deals briefly...

Briefing paper

24 Jul 2018

This paper considers the superannuation system from the consumer (or member) perspective, discussing how a consumer enters the superannuation market, interacts with superannuation fund trustees and accesses their superannuation at retirement.


4 Jul 2018

This report discusses the findings from ASIC’s review of credit card lending in Australia between 2012 and 2017. In particular, it looks at consumer debt outcomes over this period, the effect of balance transfers, and the operation of key reforms for credit cards that commenced...


29 Jun 2018

This report contains eight recommendations outlining initiatives to increase the supply of capital, and raise SME’s awareness of alternative sources of finance outside traditional banking.

Briefing paper

22 Jun 2018

This paper provides context for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers’ interactions with banking and financial services, especially in remote areas across Australia. It also provides background information and detail on Australian government policies and programs relating to Indigenous Australians.

Briefing paper

21 Jun 2018

This paper provides information on the interactions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with financial institutions, including banks, insurers and superannuation funds.

Draft report

29 May 2018

The Commission is undertaking this inquiry under the twin (stage 2 and stage 3) terms of reference. This draft report brings together both streams of work to provide an overall assessment of the superannuation system and recommend policy changes.

Briefing paper

13 Apr 2018

Financial advice can play an important role for consumers - access to affordable, quality financial advice can bring significant benefits to consumers and help them to make informed decisions. This resource focuses on the reforms affecting the regulation of financial advice since 2007.

Annual Report

28 Feb 2018

This report analyses the different approaches to disclosure across the fintech industry and makes recommendations on best practice and identifies commitments to action.

Discussion paper

16 Oct 2017

ASIC is engaging in a consultation process to refine and update the National Financial Literacy Strategy for 2018.


10 Aug 2017

This report argues that accessibility, transparency, affordability and competition are crucial features of a well-functioning general insurance market.

Discussion paper

21 Jul 2017

This paper examines aspects of the present use of trusts with a view to outlining the extent of the problem and examining who benefits.


Report 526
1 Jun 2017

This report provides an overview of the marketplace lending industry, based on the findings from ASIC’s survey of a limited cross-section of marketplace lending providers in November 2016.

Working paper

30 Apr 2017

This paper provides a basis for a broader understanding of the factors that shape financial wellbeing and the capacity of individuals to experience economic security.


5 Jan 2017

The Financial Consumer Rights Council (FCRC): Dignity and Debt Financial Difficulty and Getting Older initiative was designed to address the effectiveness of one-on-one financial counselling sessions with Older Persons, including provision of consumer advocacy and information about financial hardship protections to those entering aged care,...


30 Dec 2016

In December 2016 FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out research among people who are nearing retirement age, or who have recently retired. This research is designed to help FMA learn more about the financial decisions that people make when they retire.



15 Sep 2016

This publication presents illustrative general purpose annual financial statements (GPFS) for a fictitious managed investment scheme, VALUE ACCOUNTS Unit Trust, and a fictitious pooled superannuation trust, VALUE ACCOUNTS Pooled Superannuation Trust. The financial statements comply with the Corporations Act 2001 and other authoritative pronouncements on...



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