Gender identity in the workplace


15 Jun 2017

Drawing on the latest evidence and experience, this report offers a set of recommendations for how organisations can engage men effectively to achieve gender equality at work.


20 Jun 2016

This resource presents Victoria’s first Gender Equality Strategy, which aligns with other equality strategies and is intended to serve as a gateway to pursuing equality in all its forms.

Position paper

1 May 2016

Australia is moving backwards on work and family issues. Supports for workers with caring responsibilties are being stymied by government focused on balanced budgets rather than balanced lives. This is at a time of increased global attention on gender, inequality and care. At the G20...


25 Jul 2014

A review into discrimination related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work after parental leave.

Executive summary

In 2013, the Australian Government asked the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, on behalf of the Australian Human Rights Commission, to undertake a National Review into...


4 Mar 2014

Abstract: This paper provides a snapshot of the ways in which gender bias affects women and men throughout their lives. Although there are inequities for both genders, it is fair to say that women face greater long-term disadvantage than men as a result of...

Journal article

6 Sep 2013


How might mixing the sexes affect the capability of small combat teams? As Australia integrates women into its combat arms, the policy challenges that sexuality presents may prove more enduring than those of gender. Objections to integration based on women’s capabilities are...

Journal article

1 Nov 2012

There are few women in top positions in either the public or the private sector in Britain. Despite vocal commitments to transparent selection on merit, despite the outlawing of unfair discrimination, despite the assertion by most major institutions of commitment to equality and diversity, there...


23 Feb 2010

Do the demands of high-status professions explain childlessness among some women? Robert Tanton describes new research findings.


16 Feb 2009

Using a controlled experiment, this paper examines the role of nurture in explaining the stylized fact that women shy away from competition.

The subjects (students just under 15 years of age) attend publicly-funded single-sex and coeducational schools. The authors find robust differences between the...


15 Aug 2007

This report analyses qualitative findings about the impact of WorkChoices on women workers most of whom are on minimum wages.This report analyses qualitative findings about the impact of WorkChoices on women workers most of whom are on minimum wages.

The WorkChoices amendments to the...

Working paper

URP Working Paper No. 4
15 Jun 1988

This paper chronicles the history of the Hunter District Water Board and analyses occupational discrimination experienced by many female employees.



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