Violent crimes


26 Feb 2019

A report from NSW Upper House committee inquiring into Gay and Transgender hate crimes between 1970 and 2010 calls for the inquiry to be re-established in the 57th Parliament.


12 Dec 2018

This report details the experience of victims as they progress through the justice system and identifies the opportunities to significantly improve the information and support provided to people as their cases proceed.


Scoping review of issues and service responses
11 Dec 2018

This paper looks at what is currently known about intimate partner violence in Australian refugee communities, and what service providers can do to ensure appropriate support is available to this client group.


27 Nov 2018

Media reporting on a series of violent incidents in Melbourne raises a difficult question: in what circumstances is it ethically justifiable to include information about a perpetrator’s ethnicity or religion?


Documenting gay and transgender prejudice killings in NSW in the late 20th century
26 May 2018

In New South Wales, from the 1970s to 2000, numerous gay men were documented to have disappeared in suspicious circumstances, or were known to have been killed. Smaller numbers of transgender women were documented to have also been killed. These killings are the subject of...


23 Oct 2017

Police use a variety of techniques in their investigation of serious violent crimes, such as homicide, robbery, assault and sexual assault. This paper systematically reviews experimental and quasi-experimental research on the effectiveness of these investigative techniques.


28 Sep 2016

Aim: To describe trends in Indigenous arrest rates in New South Wales for property and violent offences.

Method: Descriptive analysis of overall and age-specific trends for property and violent crime.

Results: Over the last 15 years in NSW the rate...

Journal article

20 Jun 2016

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, has long been referred to as the City of Churches. This moniker denotes Adelaide to be a city of pious refinement and conservatism. Indeed, Adelaide’s landscape is replete with numerous and very beautiful churches. However, urban identities are...


7 Jun 2016

Former federal MP, Pauline Hanson, is back on the campaign trail for a Senate seat in Queensland. In a recent interview she said a lot of people she had talked to did not believe they were safe and that with regular stories on crime in...

Briefing paper

20 Apr 2016

This brief is an annual update of the property and violent crime trends first reported in Moffatt and Poynton (2006). The aim of the paper is to examine the trends in the rates of annual recorded incidents of ten categories of property and violent crime...


11 Oct 2014

This report aims to provide a summary of the current environment in which alcohol is made available and sold in Victoria and to quantify the extent of alcohol harms and trends in harms over time.


16 Jun 2014

Being a victim of violent crime has a damaging effect on mental health, particularly for women, according to this report.

The needs and experiences of victims of crime have become increasingly recognised as an important aspect of criminal justice and public policy. In Australia,...


23 Apr 2012

The aim of the paper is to examine the trends in the rates of annual recorded incidents of 10 major categories of property and violent crime for the period 1990 to 2011 in New South Wales (NSW).

This brief is an annual update of...


9 Jun 2011

The latest crime figures continue the pattern of stable or falling crime in NSW established over the last decade.

In the 24 months to March 2011, 11 of the 17 major offences were stable and five were trending downwards. One offence, assault – domestic...


6 Aug 2003

This paper will argue in favour of the abolition of capital punishment and will attempt to do so from a legal and human rights perspective. The paper will also examine the most compelling argument against capital punishment, which, in the author's view, is the problem...


5 Jun 2003

Workplace violence has been defined as "incidents where persons are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work, involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well-being or health". In this paper, presented at the Security in Government Conference 2003, AIC director...


10 Apr 2003

This paper assesses some of the major costs for a range of offences. The cost of the crimes covered here amounts to $19 billion. Other costs (such as policing, prisons and the security industry) add nearly another $13 billion. The total estimated bill is nearly...



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