Recycling (Waste, etc)


10 Feb 2019

This strategy introduces significant transformations aimed at Western Australia becoming a circular economy, with a greater focus on avoidance as well as moving to targets for material recovery and environmental protection in addition to landfill diversion.


5 Feb 2019

This report presents data on, and trends in, waste recovery, recycling and disposal in Queensland during the 2017–18 financial year. It provides valuable insight to help inform policy development and decision makers in the waste and resource recovery industry, local government and Queensland Government about...

Policy report

10 Dec 2018

This policy document embodies a circular economy, shifting away from ‘take, make, use and dispose’ to a more circular approach where Australia maintains the value of resources for as long as possible.


3 Dec 2018

This report examines New Zealand’s plastic packaging system, and explores the key challenges, opportunities and pathways are for creating a circular economy for plastics packaging that works in New Zealand.

Other interactive resource

12 Nov 2018

This report draws on information and data from a range of sources, including independent research commissioned by Planet Ark and conducted by Pollinate and a Planet Ark administered survey of 182 councils. It uncovers the journey of our recycling beyond the bin, whether Australians trust...

Annual Report

26 Oct 2018

The second World Circular Economy Forum 2018 (WCEF2018) took place from 22-24 October 2018, in Yokohama, Japan. The world’s biggest global gathering on circular economy solutions brought together more than 1,100 leading experts and decision-makers from more than eighty countries to discuss their future visions....


24 Oct 2018

This explainer provides an overview of the circular economy concept, what it looks like and why it’s being talked about. It also discusses recent research and developments in the circular economy space, and some of the challenges that may arise in its implementation.

Discussion paper

22 Oct 2018

This discussion paper presents an overview of the circular economy, how it can be applied in New South Wales, and the benefits it could bring.


14 Sep 2018

Dutch cyclists rode down the world's first bike path made entirely of discarded plastic this week, in a move aimed at reducing the millions of tonnes wasted every year. The 30-metre (100-ft) cycling path in the 1,300-year-old northern town of Zwolle contains the equivalent of...

Discussion paper

7 Sep 2018

This discussion paper aims to promote conversation and comment on how we can improve Australia’s recycling, resource recovery and management of waste. Comments received will inform an update to the 2009 National waste policy.

Policy report

5 Sep 2018

Charlotte is the first city in the United States to make a commitment to adopting the circular economy as a public sector strategy. In its circular future, all of the material resources that now end up in landfills will be the basis for Charlotte’s next...

Discussion paper

26 Aug 2018

The urban composting research symposium was held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Monday 27 August 2018 to showcase the research undertaken as part of the CRC for Low Carbon Living funded project, RP2019 “Enabling carbon reductions through composting food waste for use in growing...


25 Jul 2018

This audit provides an independent assessment of, and insights into, whether the landfill levy system is being managed transparently and is meeting its intended legislative objectives.


30 Jun 2018

Swedish Waste Management 2018 is intended for actors in the waste management industry, decision makers, authorities, educational institutions, the media and all other stakeholders. Using text, diagrams and tables we describe the management of household waste in Sweden. Statistics are taken from the Avfall Sverige...


26 Jun 2018

This report discusses solid waste, rather than liquid or gaseous waste. Given the limitations of the committee, and the recent decisions by China relating to the importation of recycled material, the inquiry and the report also generally focus on the flow of materials, rather than...


16 May 2018

This report intends to be a guide to assist the decision-makers in cities that recognise the challenges of food waste management and wish to find sustainable and effective solutions.


Has Australia’s ad-hoc approach to waste management backfired?
15 May 2018

In 2017, the Chinese government introduced “National Sword”, a policy restricting the kinds of recyclable materials the country will accept from overseas. Western nations long used to treating the developing world as a dumping ground were caught off guard. In Australia and elsewhere, domestic recycling...


30 Apr 2018

This report addresses growing demand for lithium-ion technology, currently used in vast quantities in electronic and household devices. The report says that Australia could become a world leader in the re-use and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.


30 Mar 2018

In September 2017, the Department of the Environment and Energy commissioned Blue Environment and sub-consultants to manage its waste data and reporting needs until 2019. An early project requirement was to research and propose improvements to the previous versions of the core waste reports, particularly...


6 Mar 2018

This report presents findings from research undertaken by Swinburne University exploring staff engagement with using worm farms for food scrap compost in the Town Hall building of the City of Port Phillip offices.



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