Discussion paper

4 Feb 2019

This discussion paper has been released in an attempt to ensure the policy settings that underpin commercial fishing activities in New Zealand are fit for purpose.


20 Dec 2018

Fisheries New Zealand has collaborated with iwi, stakeholders and a blue cod expert group to develop and finalise the National Blue Cod strategy. The overarching aim of the strategy is to work together to deliver abundant and sustainable blue cod fisheries for all.

Briefing paper

18 Dec 2018

This brief contains an overview of Australia’s commercial fisheries and aquaculture industries and six key aspects of Australian commercial fisheries and aquaculture including: industry structure, trends in production, trade, consumption, sustainability and innovation.

Working paper

Working Paper No. 9
1 Dec 2018

The management, governance and control of the world’s oceans have become major policy and research agendas. Nowhere is this more the case than in the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest ocean.


Exposure of seabed assemblages to trawling and inclusion in closures and reserves
19 Nov 2018

This project aimed to quantify the overlap of mapped seabed assemblages with trawl footprints, and with areas of spatial management that prohibit trawling, by building on previously collated data and assemblage mapping — as well as data for State and Commonwealth demersal trawling effort, fishery...


16 Nov 2018

This report provides a synthesis of management arrangements, catch and sustainability of sharks across Australia. This report is a commitment under the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks and Australia's National Plan of Action...


28 Sep 2018

This report provides an independent assessment of the biological status of fish stocks and the economic status of fisheries managed, or jointly managed, by the Australian government (Commonwealth fisheries). It summarises the performance of these fisheries in 2017 and over time, against the requirements of...


4 Jul 2018

The 2018 edition of the State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture emphasizes the sector’s role in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, and measurement of progress towards these goals.

Discussion paper

9 May 2018

Fisheries New Zealand is seeking your feedback on proposed amendments to regulations to support digital monitoring and innovative trawl technologies in the commercial fishing sector.


RRecommendations towards implementation of the Marine Protected Areas Policy on the South Island’s south-east coast of New Zealand
7 Mar 2018

The South-East Marine Protection Forum has provided this final report on marine protection on the South Island’s south-east coast to the Ministers of Conservation and Fisheries.


14 Feb 2018

The Minister of Fisheries has publically released this report and recommendations from the Marlborough Sounds Salmon Farm Relocation Advisory Panel for the relocation of salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Working paper

Working Paper No. 3
1 Feb 2018

The importance of the work carried out by local communities across the globe in coastal resources and fisheries management cannot be underestimated - and communities in the Pacific islands are no exception.


6 Dec 2017

This report examines the impacts of climate change on fisheries and marine biodiversity and makes recommendations around research, monitoring and marine natural resource management.

Policy report

Fisheries project
4 Dec 2017

This report addresses the issue of depletion of recreational fishing stocks in New Zealand.

Discussion paper

20 Oct 2017

This discussion paper looks at the serious risks the Tasmania’s salmon industry faces if its environmental and social impacts are not managed.


29 Sep 2017

This report provide an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of fish stocks managed solely or jointly by the Australian government.


21 Sep 2017

The Australian government is justifying it proposed plans to remove marine protections by arguing that they have an adverse effect on the fishing industry. However, there is little evidence of any significant negative impact of marine protection measures.

Briefing paper

30 Jun 2017

The South China Sea fishery is being depleted at an unsustainable rate and in a destructive manner.

Policy report

27 May 2017

This report considers whether fisheries regulation and management are impeding productivity improvement and investment. It looks at ways to use resources to maximise community welfare and sustainability into the future.

Journal article

14 Feb 2017

Life came from the ocean. Without the ocean, life on Earth is not possible. The ocean produces and regulates much of the planet’s oxygen and water, provides substantial amounts of its nutrient and carbon cycling and supports most of its biological diversity. Fish feed over...



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