Refuse and refuse disposal


30 Jun 2018

Swedish Waste Management 2018 is intended for actors in the waste management industry, decision makers, authorities, educational institutions, the media and all other stakeholders. Using text, diagrams and tables we describe the management of household waste in Sweden. Statistics are taken from the Avfall Sverige...


15 Sep 2017

Demand estimation for services and facilities is an important component of urban development, being required for the determination of the level of provision and coverage of infrastructure and related facilities to serve the needs of present and future populations. Demands and associated cabin impacts for...


11 Aug 2017

The Mayor wants London to be the world’s greenest global city. This draft London Environment Strategy sets out bold policies and proposals in six policy areas and the transition to a low carbon circular economy to make this vision a reality.


29 Jul 2015

The landfill industry, through the Australian Landfill Owners Association and the Australian Local Government Association, has developed this voluntary protocol to ensure that the early collected carbon charges are returned for consumer benefit. Individual landfill owners will have the option to accept to be bound...


3 Sep 2014

This audit assessed whether landfills in Victoria are being appropriately regulated, constructed, managed and rehabilitated so as not to pose an unacceptable risk to the environment, human health and local amenity.


The objective of this audit was to determine whether landfills...


17 Mar 2014

This study examined informal practices of hard rubbish reuse (or ‘gleaning’) by households.

Journal article

9 Dec 2013

Waste is a symbol of inefficiency in modern society and represents misallocated resources. This paper outlines an on-going interdisciplinary research project entitled “Integrated ETWW demand forecasting and scenario planning for low-carbon precincts” and reports on first findings and a literature review. This large multi-stakeholder research...


11 Nov 2013

In the UK, we throw away some 14.8m tonnes of food every year throughout the supply chain. This report acknowledges food waste as both an issue and a valuable resource. It aims to act as a roadmap to encourage behavioural change at all levels, within...

Conference paper

27 Aug 2013

There is an increasing concern over solid waste disposal on the islands of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. This is especially true on South Tarawa, which is the urban centre of Kiribati (Carden, 2003). The trend over the last few decades (see Figure 1) has...

Journal article

8 Oct 2012

Melbourne, like many cities around the world, is in the midst of reshaping its central city landscape. However, there are concerns, particularly in Australia, that “contemporary strategic planning has almost become child-blind, with the new higher density centres being built essentially for the childless in...


25 Jun 2012

This paper considers the potential value of wastewater analysis for measuring net consumption of illicit drugs and the effectiveness of law enforcement agency strategies.

Estimating the use of illicit drugs in the general community is an important task with ramifications for law enforcement agencies,...


18 Apr 2012

The Government aims to restore the Federal Budget to surplus in 2012-13. ACOSS and other advocates for people facing poverty and social disadvantage aim to repair gaping holes in our social safety net. Higher social security payments and better employment services are needed to lift...


16 Dec 2010

This paper explores a possible technological strategy that would avoid security and sustainability dilemmas associated with the management of the rapidly growing quantities of nuclear spent fuel in the East Asia region.

The region‘s spent fuel inventories from nuclear power are growing rapidly. The...

Journal article

29 Aug 2010

The purpose of this paper is to examine reaction to the film Samson and Delilah and where this reaction has positioned the film in Australian filmmaking history.

Warwick Thornton’s 2009 film Samson and Delilah won the hearts of Australians as well as a bag...


5 Nov 2009

Australian households are throwing out more than $5 billion worth of food each year, more than Australians spend on digital equipment, and more than it costs to run the Australian Army.

In addition to the direct financial costs of this waste, the environmental impact...


6 Oct 2009

The 2009 Update of the Tipping Point report estimates that there are 234 million items of e-waste in or on their way to landfill.

The Report shows that a recycling scheme for televisions and computers would create 2,570 jobs nationally by the year 2015....


10 Sep 2008

There are several significant drivers, such as climate change and water scarcity, that are changing the waste debate, according to this report. In the committee's view waste policy needs to address issues that are relevant to its own sphere and at the same time, complement...


17 May 2007

This reports the results of a three-year investigation which aimed to develop a measurement of prediction of community intended behaviour in relation to the reuse of different wastewaters for different uses. It has been apparent that communities support the concept of water reuse as a...


24 Oct 2006

Radioactive waste is one of the most emotive issues in the current debate on Australia’s nuclear involvement. Many nuclear proponents share, with their opponents, an acceptance that radioactive waste is integral to the use of nuclear materials, from medical applications to power generation. It is...


20 Oct 2006

Australians generate solid waste at a high rate compared with most other OECD countries. Technologies and processes to avoid, reduce and recover waste are generally not used as extensively in Australia as in some other OECD countries. Non-optimal levels of waste represent lost value and...



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