Pay equity


2 Mar 2018

This third report in the Gender Equity Insights series extends and strengthens the evidence base around gender pay gaps and how these have changed over time across Australian workplaces.


30 Mar 2017

Multinational corporations face a maze of gender pay gap reporting requirements—meeting them is vital


Report commissioned by the Ministry for Women, New Zealand
27 Feb 2017

This study examines the gender pay gap in New Zealand.

Briefing paper

18 Aug 2016

Professor Lisa Heap's study titled, Women’s Rights at Work (WRAW), on the experiences of women at work in Victoria, has created a dialogue with Victorian working women regarding their experiences at work, and in seeking work. Commencing in 2016, this dialogue with Victorian working women...


3 Mar 2016

Seeks to add to and strengthen the evidence base that exists around gender pay gaps throughout Australian workplaces.


2 Mar 2016

This first report in the BCEC WGEA Gender Equity Insights series seeks to add to and strengthen the evidence base that exists around gender pay gaps throughout Australian workplaces. The report uses unique data reported to WGEA, capturing 4 million workers and more than 12,000...


27 Jan 2016

Following on from the McKell Institute’s report on the economic impact of penalty rate cuts in Australia’s retail and hospitality industries, this report looks at the economic and health impacts of cutting penalty rates for nurses, midwives and aged care workers.

This report highlights...


14 Jul 2014

Women can expect to wait another 75 years before they receive the same amount of pay as their male counterparts, according to this report.


In its ‘World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development’, the World Bank asserted that gender equality...


4 Mar 2014

This paper explores the relationship between parenting, work and the gender pay gap, and provides insights into the ways organisations can help address the gender pay gap by supporting parents in the workforce to manage work and family commitments.

Journal article

1 Nov 2012

There are few women in top positions in either the public or the private sector in Britain. Despite vocal commitments to transparent selection on merit, despite the outlawing of unfair discrimination, despite the assertion by most major institutions of commitment to equality and diversity, there...


31 Mar 2009

Drawing on federal, state, territory and local government, this report provides a snapshot of access and equity issues and responses across Australian government agencies.

An annual Access and Equity Report on federal government agencies’ performance against an access and equity framework has been...


9 Aug 2007

Introducing Gen Y

A lot has been said about Gen Y – the term typically used for those born between 976 and 99. They have been described as frivolous, called the “me generation”, labelled as spoilt and overprotected – as an ambitious generation,...


16 Jun 2005

Governments of all persuasions have had the problem that appointees to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission have exercised their independence. Is this the 'problem' that the government seeks to remedy with its new industrial relations laws, asks Keith Hancock.


5 Oct 2004

Limited research has been undertaken to identify and examine systemic issues associated with the provision of vocational education and training (VET) to equity groups. In this report John McIntyre, Veronica Volkoff, Mez Egg and Nicky Solomon focus on the institutional relationships and policies that determine...



This short report summarises Statistics New Zealand's investigation into the effect of motherhood on women’s pay in New Zealand. It is intended to guide future research in this area by measuring the difference in the gender pay gap between parents and non-parents of both sexes....



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