Unfinished business: the pursuit of rights and choices for all
10 Apr 2019

This report considers the gains made in women's sexual and reproductive health and rights since the establishment of the Population Fund in 1969.

Briefing paper

26 Oct 2018

The Law Commission has provided this ministerial briefing paper to the Minister of Justice, the Hon Andrew Little, advising on alternative approaches that could be taken to abortion law if the government decides to treat abortion as a health issue.

Briefing paper

Briefing Paper No 2/2017
17 May 2017

This paper reviews and compares abortion law across all Australian jurisdictions.

Journal article

10 Oct 2016

This article suggests that recent developments regarding abortion law in NSW and Queensland carry significant implications for doctors.


11 May 2016

Abortion laws are inconsistent across the states and territories meaning Australian women do not have equitable access to lawful abortion. Due to the work of Australian Sex Party MLC, Fiona Patten, Victoria has recently joined Tasmania in legislating a 150m safe access zone around abortion...

Fact sheet

18 Jun 2014

The number of abortions performed in New Zealand decreased in 2013, according to this report.

The number of abortions performed in New Zealand decreased in 2013, Statistics New Zealand said today. A total of 14,073 induced abortions were performed in New Zealand in 2013....


7 Sep 2011

The use nonaspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory during pregnancy can double the risk of miscarriage.

The association between the use of nonaspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory;drugs (NSAIDs) during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion remains unclear because of inconsistent research results and the lack of evidence for...

Journal article

5 Jul 2010


To investigate community attitudes to abortion, including views on whether doctors should face sanctions for performing late abortion in a range of clinical and social situations.

Design, setting and participants:

An anonymous online survey of 1050...


23 Nov 2009

This paper presents an overview of anti-abortion extremism online, focusing on the ‘Army of God’ Web site that supports the use of violence to criminalise abortion. Also discussed are some of the dominant figures in this movement and their online presence. The use...


19 Jan 2009

Bad timing is the most common reason for women seeking abortions at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

The study, that is the first in Victoria to look at women who considered aborting unplanned pregnancies, analysed 3018 women seeking terminations between October 2006 and...


14 Dec 2005


The lack of national data on induced abortion in Australia represents a gap in health statistics. The AIHW’s Reproductive Health Indicators in Australia 2002 report included an indicator on induced abortions in Australia, but national data were not reported for it because...


28 Nov 2005

Luke Buckmaster provides a brief overview of RU486 and its use in medical abortion, an explanation of its current legislative status in Australia, and a brief analysis of the current debate about overturning legislative restrictions on RU486 and similar abortion drugs in Australia introduced at...


19 Aug 2005

The debate on the availability and regulation of abortion services can at times be extremely divisive, yet surveys have found that the majority of Australians are fairly moderate in their view of how accessible the procedure should be. Whilst this paper by Talina Drabsch highlights...


16 Feb 2005

Much of the recent debate on abortion in Australia has focused on the question of how many abortions take place in Australia each year. Angela Pratt, Amanda Biggs and Luke Buckmaster discuss the existing statistics on abortion in Australia, their limitations for accurately quantifying how...



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