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30 Oct 2018

The French government has implemented measures aimed at reducing the disparities between the mainland and overseas France, stepping up security measures and providing aid to improve living conditions in the Comoros.


1 Aug 2018

This analysis argues there is a need for an integrated and strategic perspective to achieve comprehensive and cohesive policymaking and implementation to enhance the security and stability of the Pacific as a strategic priority for Australia.


31 May 2018

Australia’s conversation about migrants and refugees is too often defined in the narrow terms of economic self-interests, security threats and humanitarian obligations. This publication examines many of the region’s most troubling situations of people on the move while giving considered attention to the opportunities for...


6 Nov 2017

Malcolm Turnbull could have responded in any of three ways to New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees. Either of the two alternatives he rejected would have been more just and humane, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki.


UNHCR Statelessness Report 2017
3 Nov 2017

This report explains the circumstances that have led to millions of people around the world not being recognized as citizens, drawing on discussions with four stateless or formerly stateless minority groups.


24 Oct 2017

This report has drawn together the work of authors from multiple disciplines to explore the global phenomenon that is people smuggling. It has been developed to provide readers with a clear, concise and obtainable understanding of the issue and its complexity.

Journal article

10 Feb 2017

Migration continues to be pictured in public debates as a failure to adapt to changes, while policymakers explore adaptation measures as a means to reduce migration pressures, and scholars have contended that migration processes exist within a larger framework of strategies for adapting to damaging...


18 Jan 2017


Australia is considered to be one of the world’s major ‘immigration nations‘(together with New Zealand, Canada and the USA). Since 1945, when the first federal immigration portfolio was created, over 7.5 million people have settled here and Australia’s overseas-born resident population—estimated to...

Audio interview

14 Aug 2016

Temporary migration is redefining Australian society. Peter Mares says there are around one million 'unsettled settlers' - including thousands of New Zealanders - on various kinds of temporary visas in Australia, and many are being unfairly treated. Peter Mares is a writer, researcher and a...


5 Apr 2014

Archaeologists have revised the dates for when humans first settled in New Zealand. It is now thought humans settled just 750 years ago. This makes New Zealand the last major land mass settled by humans. They came from central east Polynesia. It is thought the...


27 Nov 2013

A panel of renowned international and Australian migration experts discuss critical issues, including: people smuggling and trafficking, irregular migration and asylum seeking, 'brain drain' and the emigration of skilled migrants from developing countries, and remittances. This event was presented by the HC Coombs Policy Forum...

Book review

18 Mar 2013

Review Details Date: 18 March 2013 Author: Wendy Li Publisher: ForMHub Owning Institution(s): Swinburne University of Technology

Book Details Title: Displaced: The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan: New York Date Published: 2012 Author/s: Olivia BennettChrisopher McDowell

Over the last...

Journal article

27 Nov 2011

Since World War II, globalisation and mass migration have exposed Australians, city and country dwellers alike, to new religions from around the world. Religious people and groups can respond in different ways to increasing diversity, and a new book explores the challenges and opportunities they...


21 Feb 2007

Some argue that the greatest change in migration patterns to Australia in the last decade or so is the change in emphasis from permanent to temporary migration—with temporary migration increasingly becoming the first step towards permanent settlement in Australia.The 457 visa— the Temporary (long stay)...


10 May 2005

As part of its planned migration program, the federal government allocates places each year for people wanting to migrate permanently to Australia. The 2005-06 migration program allows for the highest level in almost twenty years. Janet Phillips looks at Australia's migration program patterns since 1945,...



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