Discussion paper

31 Aug 2017

This paper provides an overview of some recent research into regional development and decentralisation, and highlights gaps that may warrant closer examination by the Select Committee.



6 Sep 2016

When the European Union decided to fine Apple €13.5 billion for tax evasion in Ireland last week, it didn’t take long for the Irish government to join with Apple to announce it would appeal the ruling.

The alignment between the tech giant and a...


30 May 2016

Fuelled by the resources boom, the Australian economy has enjoyed an unprecedented 25 years of economic growth, more than doubling in real terms over that period. But, now, the Australian economy is slowing. Productivity is sluggish, employment growth is weakening, and consumer confidence is faltering....


2 May 2016

Analyses eight key indicators: economic growth; retail spending; equipment investment; unemployment; construction work done; population growth; housing finance and dwelling commencements.

Working paper

18 Feb 2016

Despite the essential contribution of foreign investment to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity, the benefits of foreign investment are not well understood. This paper aims to provide further insights into foreign investment in Australia by examining the trends, the sources and the positive effects of...


29 Jan 2016

‘Growth’ is back on the business agenda for 2016, underscored by the release of the highly anticipated Innovation Statement. Consumer confidence is 10 per cent higher than a year ago, and the retail sector just had one of its best Christmas seasons in years....

Journal article

18 Dec 2015

While it is undisputed that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good for society, the question remains as to the most effective way of increasing the quality of CSR reporting. It is becoming evident that relying on market forces is not delivering the hoped for results,...

Journal article

1 Dec 2014

This paper investigates the influence of key stakeholder groups on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) disclosures by Chinese mining and mineral companies. Salience of stakeholder groups founded in stakeholder theory forms the basis for this investigation because of the rising influence of a range of different...



12 Nov 2014

The world was a very different place in December 1999 when the first G20 met in Berlin.

Steve Jobs had just taken back the reins at Apple, but Facebook, Google, Twitter and the dot-com bust were figments of imagination. When government and central banking...

Journal article

15 Jun 2014

The convergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance (CG) has changed the corporate accountability mechanism. This has developed a socially responsible ‘corporate self-regulation’, a synthesis of governance and responsibility in the companies of strong economies. However, unlike in the strong economies, this convergence...


27 May 2014

Explores a number of challenges for the Australian accounting profession in terms of contemporary engagement with Asia.

Introduction Through the geographic accident of being located close to what is the most extraordinary population and economic growth in human history, as we see in...


21 Mar 2014

This paper brings together policy contributions from a wide cross-section of society interested in feeding into the G20 process.


G20 engagement partners from Business (B20), Civil Society (C20), Labour (L20), Think Tanks (T20) and Youth (Y20) have each provided a contribution...


17 Mar 2014

Many say that continuous growth unsustainable. But if ‘de-growth’ is unstable, what are we to do? This panel discussion from the recent Sustainable Living Festival looks not at the problem, but at possible solutions. How do we transition to a more sustainable system?



14 Mar 2014

With inventive foreign policy needed to reassure the Indo-Pacific’s established powers and accommodate Chinese ambitions, this report proposes three complementary strategies: prolong US leadership; protect the territorial status quo; and pursue a policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ vis-à-vis territorial disputes.

Executive summary



6 Mar 2014

The Monthly Economic Review is an overview of the New Zealand economy. It includes the latest data on New Zealand’s economic growth, unemployment, inflation, merchandise trade and balance of payments figures, along with certain financial data (such as the Reserve Bank’s official cash rate). The...


5 Mar 2014

This publication presents quarterly national accounts showing both current price estimates and chain volume measures in original, seasonally adjusted and trend terms. State details for components of state final demand are also included.


24 Feb 2014

Headline exchange rate measures don’t capture New Zealand's burgeoning emerging market trade, particularly the China-driven export boom, argues this short paper.


People are worried about the damage the strengthening exchange rate might be doing to the export sector. It's only a...


15 Dec 2013

This study presented the outlook fot the Western Australian resources sector in 2013. It flagged some troubling economic signs, as well as increasing energy and infrastructure needs.

Briefing paper

Regional capitals in the WA settlement hierarchy
15 Oct 2013

This report provides a detailed examination of the role of broader scale socio-economic processes and place-based competitiveness in accounting for local employment growth for member of the Western Australian Regional Capitals Alliance (WARCA) over the period 2001- 2011.

Working paper

24 Jul 2013

Abstract: Historically, Indigenous people have largely been excluded from building businesses in Australia. Recent reductions in Indigenous disadvantage, especially improvements in Indigenous skills, may have combined with other policy changes to make it easier for Indigenous entrepreneurs to set up successful businesses. Indigenous self-employment...



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