7 May 2013

The State budget is the means by which the Victorian Government details how it plans to collect and spend public monies for the upcoming year. The budget has two components, the budget papers and the Appropriation Bills. The budget papers detail the Government’s economic and...


19 Apr 2012

This paper examines the sources of the decline in Australia’s productivity growth since the record highs of the 1990s, focusing on the last two complete productivity cycles (ending in 2007-08).

It offers a different perspective by looking for a general or macro-economic explanation and...

Working paper

4 Apr 2012

Growth of 'global cities' in the 1980s was supposed to have involved an occupational polarisation, including growth of low paid service jobs. Though held to be untrue for European cities, at the time, some such growth did emerge in London a decade later than first...

Journal article

15 Mar 2012

Discussing the normative arguments for the development of corporate social responsibility is difficult but important. It is difficult, as any argument for the development could be detrimental if it seems that it could narrow the scope of innovation in business and becomes a barrier to...

Working paper

9 Mar 2012

In the context of the World Health Organisation identifying the commercialisation of hospitals as a key challenge for health systems, this paper summarises the results of studies of the non-state hospital sector in Vietnam.

Some commentators have linked the growth of the private sector...


27 Feb 2012

The Web is transforming how organisations conduct business, ranging from improving efficiency to creating new, innovative products and services—all with an eye toward improving the bottom line. Adoption of sustainability may be following a similar path.

At first, organizations were just trying to be...


7 Feb 2012

This paper examines the possible sources of total factor productivity change in the dairy sector between 2007–08 and 2010–11.

Analysis is conducted over the components of total factor productivity (TFP) growth for a subset of dairy enterprises in Victoria. Specifically, the research considers the...


8 Dec 2011

This strategy sets out the Government’s approach to boosting business investment in innovation and ensuring UK success in the global economy. Universities and research, entrepreneurship and risk taking, greater connections between people and organisations, and a more open environment will all be at the heart...


8 Dec 2011

The strategy centres on supporting business R&D in areas in which the UK excels, within the context of developing the wider UK innovation eco-system including universities and other organisations. The Economics paper provides supporting evidence for this policy.

The Government is putting innovation and...


15 Nov 2011

By 2050, humanity could devour an estimated 140 billion tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass per year – three times its current appetite – unless the economic growth rate is “decoupled” from the rate of natural resource consumption.

Developed countries citizens consume...


10 Aug 2011

This report finds that the amount of domestic greenhouse gas emissions cut by the Government's carbon price package could be double that predicted by Treasury. This flows not just from the carbon price itself, but from the impact of the full suite of complementary measures...


15 Nov 2010

Open markets play a pivotal role in supporting growth and job creation, says a new joint report by the OECD, the International Labor Organization, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. But, it adds, trade opening must be complemented by properly designed domestic policies,...


23 Sep 2010

This article contains details of internet activity supplied by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia.

It includes information on internet subscribers and their type of connection, the type of user (business/household), the volume of data downloaded, the speed of the internet connection and...


19 Jul 2010

This paper uses data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey to examine whether there was a change in employment rates for people with 'low employment' characteristics between 2002 and 2006, which was a period of strong employment growth.



14 Jul 2010

The OECD Green Growth Strategy will identify the key barriers that governments need to overcome in order to achieve strong green growth. It will develop practical policy tools for securing the shift to a greener economy. It will seek to be useful and accessible to...


15 Jun 2010

Substantial demographic shifts are under way in many countries which could have a sizeable impact on trend growth rates over coming decades. This article explores some of these demographic developments in a range of economies. It looks particularly at population growth and age structure and...


5 May 2010

This report calls on the government in the next parliament to conduct a national productivity forum with governments, business, unions and non-government organisations.

The report nots that Australia experienced a productivity growth surge in the mid-1990s, averaging 2.3 per cent multifactor productivity growth...


16 Mar 2010

This report provides an economy-wide blueprint for how Australia can achieve an ambitious reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while building a growing low-carbon economy.

The report identifies 54 separate opportunities - across all sectors - that together can achieve a reduction in emissions of...


25 Jan 2010

Eco-innovation will be a key driver of industry efforts to tackle climate change and realise “green growth” in the post-Kyoto era. Eco-innovation calls for faster introduction of breakthrough technologies and for more systemic application of available solutions, including non-technological ones. It also offers...


19 Jan 2010

Sensor networks play an important role in tackling environmental challenges. Sensor applications in smart power grids, smart buildings and smart industrial processes make significant contributions to more efficient resource use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. This report gives an overview of sensor...



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