Representative government and representation

Discussion paper

8 Oct 2018

This paper draws on data from the new Samoa Election Results database to highlight salient features and trends in Samoa’s electoral history.

Working paper

Working Paper No. 8
1 Aug 2018

The concept of Temporary Special Measures (TSM) was introduced in the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women came into force in 1979. Besides Samoa the rest of the Pacific countries have been slow to adopt TSM, which may...


25 Nov 2009

The Iron Lady casts a long shadow, as David Cameron is finding in the lead-up to the next British election, writes Frank Bongiorno in Inside Story

ALMOST TWENTY years after the end of her prime ministership, British politics still revolves to a remarkable extent...


4 Jun 2007


Many Members of Parliament (MPs) aspire to ministerial office. Kim Beazley Jr once said: ‘being a minister, that really was something special from the moment I got it’.1 Garfield Barwick was said to have arrived at the Attorney-General’s office with ‘more ideas...


4 May 2007

Despite increasing numbers of women entering federal politics, female MPs have failed to drive an agenda of social change in the Australian Parliament. This conclusion has been reached through a study of 13 male and 15 female current federal MPs, whose views were sought on...


24 Feb 2006

Sarah Miskin and Martin Lumb examine the biographical details of the 226 senators and members of the 41st Australian parliament. They show that, generally, they are middle-aged, well-educated men, many of whom have worked in politics-related occupations immediately before being elected. The note concludes with...


18 Mar 2003

In the 2001 Commonwealth election Northern Territory voters were divided into two House of Representatives seats for the first time. However, on 20 February 2003 the Australian Electoral Commissioner determined that due to a population shift the Northern Territory would lose the extra seat, returning...



8 Jul 2002

In this speech delivered at Berry Street Victoria’s Building a Brighter Future luncheon on 4 July 2002, Alastair Nicholson, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, called for other states and territories to follow the lead of NSW and Queensland. He focuses on...


5 Sep 2000

The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory were formed after federation and it was many years before they obtained full political representation in the Commonwealth Parliament. Initially representation was in a very limited form. This Research Note sets out the history of the Territories,...



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