6 Feb 2017

Long-distance commuting between place of residence and place of work has been on the rise in Australia. It occurs when workers are unable to return home after their working day (usually due to distance), so a worker resides at the place of work for a...


18 Nov 2013

This research, by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (the Department), working with the Western Australia Police (WA Police) and specialist family and domestic violence crisis and support services, sought to explore the association between Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements and family and domestic...


15 Nov 2013

This report compares recent spatial changes in population, jobs and commuting patterns for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and investigates how these changes match up to the strategic planning goals for each city.


6 Nov 2013

Background: The current mining boom has brought considerable wealth throughout Australia, but the benefits are not distributed evenly. The majority of Australian mining activities are in remote locations where demand for labour usually exceeds local supply, requiring a long-distance commuting (LDC) workforce from source communities...


15 Jun 2013

This report investigated the size and distribution of the non-resident or long distance commuter workforce by industry and geography over time. While this report provides a national perspective, it is the nine sampled mining regions that form the focus of the report.


30 May 2013

This report discusses changes in South East Queensland's geography of population and employment and the impacts on commuting, with a view to providing a solid evidence base about the trends that have been shaping the region in recent years.


29 Oct 2012

The Sydney report discusses changes in the geography of population and employment and the impacts on commuting.


15 Oct 2011

This report is the second in a series of investigations into spatial changes in population, employment and commuting in our largest cities.


Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Australia
6 Oct 2011

Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry outlines some positive impacts of FIFO workers, including the reemergence of the Busselton Regional Airport.


31 May 2011

Uneconomical choices and underperforming assets need a rethink, argues Frank Fisher .

THERE are few things humans do that are as inefficient as urban commuting in driver-only driver-owned cars, or DODOs. When potentially ten billion people seek urban commuting the way Australians do it...


1 Jan 2011

There are various types of long distance commutes in Australia, such as the widely known fly-in-fly-out commutes that occur in sparsely populated mining areas or daily commutes from peri urban areas to a nearby city. This paper provides a review of the published literature on...

Journal article

1 Jan 2011

A new geography of functional economic regions (FERs) has been created for Australia using a methodology that optimizes within-region self-containment of commuting to jobs. The paper tests whether this FER geography might overcome the spatial autocorrelation problem encountered when using de jure regions such as...


15 Sep 2010

This is the first of a series of reports analysing spatial trends in population, employment and commuting in our five largest cities.


2 Jul 2009

For the chief technology officer or chief risk officer of today's organization, perhaps no issue presents more complexity -- or more headaches -- than the necessity to protect corporate and personal information in an environment where employees travel widely or routinely work at home...


4 Feb 2009

A new ITIF report shows that the number of jobs filled by telecommuters could grow nearly four-fold to 19 million and deliver substantial economic, environmental and quality of life benefits for the United States over the next 12 years. Spurred by advances in IT, especially...


3 Dec 2008

Telecommuting, a practice increasingly favored by employers and workers alike, has a great deal to recommend it, but it also raises serious new privacy and security threats that must be addressed in order to prevent this generally beneficial practice from leading to serious privacy and...


8 Nov 2005

Anthea Bill, Bill Mitchell and Martin Watts develops the labour market accounts framework to understand how employment growth and commuting patterns interact to determine the spatial distribution of unemployment in local areas of Sydney. The principal finding is that employment growth between 1996 and 2001...


12 May 2005

Over nine million Australians travel to work each week, commuting by car, bus, train, tram, bicycle, ferry or foot. These days, more than ever before, employees are commuting for longer, in traffic that is more congested, to reach workplaces that are further away. Using data...


10 Feb 2003

Growing urban traffic congestion and public transport concerns have become major issues to city constituents and affect national efficiency. This Current Issues Brief examines these issues and looks at local and international calls for greater Federal Government involvement in urban transport issues.


15 Oct 2001

In the absence of previous research in this area, this exploratory study sought to determine whether the levels of depressive symptomatology, anxiety and perceptions of family function of 30 primary school-aged children whose fathers were in FIFO employment were less healthy than those of a...



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