Drug abuse and crime


11 Jul 2012

This report follows from a Roundtable discussion held in July 2012 to consider new approaches to public policy about illicit drugs in Australia. An earlier Australia21 report launched in April 2012 had concluded that attempts to control drug use through the criminal justice system have...

Briefing paper

15 Aug 2010

New figures indicate that use of narcotics (e.g. heroin) and cocaine is increasing, according to this Crime and Justice Statistics Bureau Brief.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research examined trends in arrests for narcotics and cocaine possession and overdoses on narcotics and...


2 Mar 2007

This report provides an overview of the production and consumption of AOSD in Australia and discusses the extent to which organised crime is involved in manufacture and distribution. It examines the National Drug Strategy, reviews its main aims and effectiveness, and provides a brief overview...


31 Jul 2003

Death from heroin overdose, in particular, rivals the road toll in destroying lives, especially among young Australians. This report is based on intensive fieldwork in three study areas: inner Melbourne (Fitzroy-Collingwood); Geelong and Sydney (Fairfield-Cabramatta). These areas have been carefully chosen to include an inner...


10 Apr 2003

This paper assesses some of the major costs for a range of offences. The cost of the crimes covered here amounts to $19 billion. Other costs (such as policing, prisons and the security industry) add nearly another $13 billion. The total estimated bill is nearly...


15 Feb 2001

This report examines drug use in regional Australia and argues that lessons learned from the response to drugs in metropolitan areas should be adopted early if regional Australia is to avoid the levels of drug-related social disruption evident in the cities.




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