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13 Feb 2019

James Murphy examines whether life is too easy for MPs representing this well-heeled Melbourne electorate.


4 Feb 2019

Population growth and density data is presented in map and table form for all 93 NSW electorates. The Parliamentary Research Service has also published Trends in NSW population growth , which examines long term population trends in NSW.

Briefing paper

11 May 2018

This paper presents data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2016 Census of Population and Housing for the 93 NSW State Electoral Districts (SEDs) as redistributed in 2013.

Briefing paper

11 May 2018

​This paper presents data from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing for the 93 NSW State Electoral Districts (SEDs). Data is presented according to the electoral district boundaries announced in September 2013. A political party affiliation has been provided for each electoral district, as...


13 Apr 2018

This report outlines the proposed redistribution of South Australia’s federal electoral divisions and the Redistribution Committee’s reasons supporting the plan.


21 Nov 2017

A shock by-election in Victoria has boosted optimism among Greens. But does electoral geography support their wider hopes?


14 Nov 2017

This guide focuses on federal electoral boundary redistributions and the process involved.


31 Oct 2017

Northcote has been held by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since its inception in 1927. The seat is now being hotly contested by the ALP and the Victorian Greens, among a field of twelve candidates.

Blog post

31 Aug 2017

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has released information confirming South Australia will lose one electorate, and Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory will each gain one.


16 May 2017

This paper looks at the capital gains tax (CGT) discount by federal electorate to find out which electorates are the biggest winners from the CGT discount and which electorates are getting little benefit.


19 Dec 2016

This report presents findings from Report 33.0 of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index (AUWI), an annual measure of Australians’ perception and satisfaction with their life in Australia. The Index was developed in 2001 through partnership between Australian Centre on Quality of Life (Deakin University) and...


25 Aug 2016

Executive summary

• The periodic redrawing of electoral boundaries is required by law to maintain electoral divisions of roughly equal enrolment size within a state or territory. Redrawing of boundaries is known as a redistribution.

• There are three provisions which may trigger...


31 Mar 2016

This resource shows the statistics of a poll completed in the South Australian, Indi and New England seats on the current Australian asylum seeker policy.

New state-wide ReachTEL polling in South Australia and in the seats of New England and Indi on refugee policy...

Working paper

17 Mar 2016

This working paper outlines the case for the South Australian House of Assembly adopting an Alternative voting plus (AV+) voting system and argues that AV+ would represent a genuine attempt at producing a majority government whilst increasing proportionally.


A report prepared for Troy Bell MP - Member for the Mt Gambier
10 Nov 2010

This report reviews the benefits and consequences of several electoral systems and how they may function in South Australia.


3 Apr 2009

This paper provides 2006 estimates, for each Commonwealth Electoral Division, of the number of persons living in poverty and the proportion which this represents of the total population. The estimates were derived from synthetic small area data produced by the National Centre for Social and...


17 Mar 2008

This research paper provides an analysis by Commonwealth electoral division of socio-demographic data from the second release of the 2006 Census of Population and Housing. The electoral boundaries used in this paper are the current boundaries used at the 2007 federal election.

This paper...


19 Feb 2008

The election of a new government means an opportunity to fix some of the things that have been going wrong with Australia’s electoral system. Australia has been making it harder to enrol and vote, and easier for private money to influence electoral outcomes. Read the...


1 Feb 2007

The recently-completed redistribution for the NSW House of Representatives seats was unusually controversial. There was concern in rural areas over the loss of a country seat— which was also a ‘Federation’ seat—and dismay over the apparent pushing–aside of the ‘community of interest’ principle by the...


20 May 2005

Based on one definition of poverty, 9.3 per cent of all Australians are poor. The poverty rate varies widely between electorates, from 2.1 per cent in Bradfield (NSW) to 15.1 per cent in Braddon (Tas). The poverty rate estimates presented by Tony Kryger in this...



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