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16 Dec 2016

When a small group from a minority ethnic community gathers to protect its members from discrimination, who could not feel sympathy? An appeal for just such sympathy was issued on 14 December by Tetsuhide Yamaoka (also known as Tesshu Yamaoka), president of the Sydney-based Australia–Japan...


1 Jan 2016

The City of Sydney is committed to the development of a tolerant, diverse, prosperous and sustainable city which values its rich natural, cultural and urban heritage. Art and culture make a city stimulating and memorable and create a flourishing and outward-looking environment of which its...


1 Nov 2015

Public art is an important and necessary ingredient in the life of a modern city. Art has the power to provoke, inspire and transform. It plays a strong role in shaping place, enhancing the environment and supporting the reputation of a town or city. Art...


24 May 2014

Auckland Council commissioned innovate change to lead a social innovation process to develop a new education programme for graffiti vandalism prevention in 2014. This work supports Auckland Council’s vision of a city free of graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti vandalism refers to writing, drawing, painting, spraying...

Journal article

31 Oct 2013

Audience interaction with art works, especially in public environments, encourages, is even premised upon, an apprehension of the work where agency is (at least) two-fold and two-way. Interactivity proposes an engagement with a situation that is disruptive of the art work and the relations around...


1 Jul 2010

Cultural vitality and creativity is strengthened by investment in cultural assets and activities. The City Art Public Art Strategy has been developed as a key action of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Plan (action 7.4.1). This strategy will guide the City’s public art program and significantly...

Conference paper

27 Nov 2009

Abstract: There is extensive commentary on the role of public, unauthorised art in western cities, but little on the coincidence of heritage value and guerilla art. This paper analyses the relationship of the two in a statue of a 1940s swimmer entitled Eliza which was...

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5 Jun 2008

The debate about whether the arts should be supported or not is far from new, and most governments support the arts in one way or the other. The literature considers several arguments in favor of such interventions. Public education may seem to be an action...


8 Nov 2007

Arts Queensland new 'art+place' fund allocates $12 million over three years to public art. The fund aims to encourage the creation of better public spaces across the state and is based on recommendations following the evaluation of the previous policy, 'Art Built-In'.Queensland Arts Minister Rod...



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