22 Apr 2008

At end June 2007, there were 45 businesses in Australia involved in the provision of digital game development services. These businesses employed over 1,400 people and generated a total income of $136.9m which represented an average of $3m per business.Australia's digital game developers generated $136.9...


21 Jan 2008

This podcast explores the intersection of online games and games communities and highlights key techniques in drawing traffic and communities to your property. John Banks uses Fury developed by Auran games as one example and how the relationships with key influencers were nurtured, using genuine...


16 Mar 2007

The East Asian online games boom started in South Korea in the late 1990s. Following unqualified domestic success, South Korean games were subsequently exported to other regional markets throughout East and South East Asia. During this time, game development companies specialising in online games for...


13 Oct 2006

Using World of Warcraft and Second Life as examples at both ends of the spectrum of social online games Luke Carruthers, a games developer who runs Imaginary Numbers in Sydney, talks about environment design, demographics and game-play competitive structures of these services.

Journal article

27 May 2005

A recent report by the telecommunications research firm Analysys predicts that mobile games will replace ringtones, logos and other personalisation services as one of the key drivers of the mobile market. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile gaming market, there appears to have been...



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