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12 Mar 2019

This report summarizes recent, relevant, global developments in the video games sector, perspectives from over 50 thought leaders from the industry, and stand-out examples of world-class games. It extracts recommendations for how the video game industry, gamers, policymakers and UN Environment can together ‘Play for...


27 Nov 2018

Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items, called 'loot boxes' for the purposes of this inquiry, are included in some video games to provide players with a way to obtain virtual items for in-game use.


18 Jan 2018

The Australian Government notes the report by the Environment and Communications References Committee (the Committee) Game on: more than playing around .

The Government has also responded to the Senate Economics References Committee’s report on the Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. In its response,...

Conference paper

2 Jul 2016

The purpose of this paper and session is fourfold. Firstly, we outline an enduring educational and social problem, poor levels of literacy amongst some adults, including students in higher education, and a potential innovative solution – the gamification of literacy learning. The problem of literacy...


The future of Australia's video game development industry
29 Apr 2016

This Senate report provides an overview of key aspects of, and developments in, the Australian video game development industry.


22 Apr 2016

Simulated gambling games mimic the characteristics of gambling games but do not provide an opportunity to stake, win or lose real-world money.

People who play simulated gambling games are more likely to gamble commercially and report gambling problems.

The convergence of gambling and...


15 Dec 2015

This research investigated consumers' perspectives on the use of online and venue-based electronic gaming machines (EGMs).

Interviews with recent EGM gamblers showed that the social aspect of gambling was important for many, reflecting their choice to gamble in a venue. This was also seen...


3 Dec 2015

This study explores the convergence between gambling and gaming and the implications it has for young people.

The study reports gambling and gaming are converging. Gambling products are increasingly incorporating gaming themes and elements, such as elements of skill. Video games may imitate gambling...


6 Aug 2015

Summary of Findings

This report explores the new contours of friendship in the digital age. It covers the results of a national survey of teens ages 13 to 17; throughout the report, the word “teens” refers to those in that age bracket, unless...



28 Jul 2015

DA16 is our 6th industry report about the state of interactive media in Australia with a focus on demographics, play habits, behaviours and attitudes. DA16 also explores the notion that games are more than just fun and shows how Australians use games at school, at...


20 Oct 2014

Digital games have the potential to transform K-12 education as we know it. But what has been the real experience among teachers who use games in the classroom? In 2013, the Games and Learning Publishing Council conducted a national survey among nearly 700 K-8 teachers....


30 Oct 2013

This report presents data on the lifestyles, habits, attitudes and demographics of New Zealanders who play computer and video games, as well as how New Zealanders are consuming interactive games in conjunction with other digital technologies.

The report was commissioned from Bond University by...


23 Oct 2013

This report examines the role interactive entertainment plays in Australian households.


We began national studies of computer game audiences in 2005 to widen the conversation about games and tackle stereotypes that prevented an understanding in the wider community that computer games...


9 May 2012

This Senate report reviews amendments to how mobile device and online computer games are classified, and recommends these amendments be passed.

On 3 November 2011, the Senate referred the provisions of the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (Online Games) Bill 2011 (Bill)...


22 Nov 2011

This report provides an overview of responses to the Classification Review Issues Paper using text analytics software.

To date the report covers Questions 1-3, 12, 16 and 24-25 of the Issues Paper. Analysis of the other questions will be added as it becomes available....

Discussion paper

8 Feb 2010

This draft response to the public consultation on the introduction of an R18+ for computer games sets out the arguments in favour of including an adults only classification.

The public consultation on the introduction of an R18+ for computer games closes at the end...


31 Aug 2009

The recent announcement by the Federal Government that the mandatory blacklist will explicitly target computer and video games has caused much alarm. This page by Electronic Frontiers Australia aims to cover the issue quickly and will be updated as matters progress.


22 Nov 2008

Today, more than 40 percent of all homes in the United States contain at least one video game console. Recognizing that all that gaming could add up to serious demand for electricity, NRDC and Ecos Consulting performed the first ever comprehensive study on the energy...


24 May 2007

Due to its unique range of creative, experimental and commercial possibilities, the online persistent virtual world Second Life is attracting significant interest from business and service industry sectors throughout the world. Big name brands such as IBM, Dell, ING, Philips Electronics, Telstra, and the Australian...

Audio podcast

27 Apr 2007


The way story works in a game, the role of the writer, and how to technically script a game are topics Jackie Turnure discusses in her one hour overview of the 2006 Austin Texas, Writing for Games Conference.

Jackie Turnure is one...



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