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21 Sep 2006

This article investigates the emerging internet phenomenon of machinima, which has been described as an example of the convergence occurring between computer games, films and the Web. Looking both forward and back, machinima uses 3D game engines and networked environments to produce work that is...

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10 Nov 2005

Online computer gamers are a creative bunch, from the mayhem of first-person shooters (FPS) to more the social experiences of massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), gamers are producing new content for their favourite titles at an amazing rate. This paper explores the rewriting of...

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30 Oct 2005

In this paper the authors explore the use and adaptation of a language specifically developed for, and by, a community of young people who play computer games. Leet speak or 1337 5p34k, the language used by the participants in this study, incorporates symbols and numbers...

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27 May 2005

A recent report by the telecommunications research firm Analysys predicts that mobile games will replace ringtones, logos and other personalisation services as one of the key drivers of the mobile market. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile gaming market, there appears to have been...


15 Jun 2004

This report on the film, animation, special effects and electronic games industries considers the need for Australian films to generate more audience appeal, the benefits of developing and exploiting intellectual property rather than relying on fee-for-service work and some of these industries’ future opportunities.




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