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Fact Check: Gina Rinehart says polar bear numbers have increased.

In a video made by Gina Rinehart to mark the 125th anniversary of her Perth alma mater, the mining magnate claimed polar bear numbers have increased. Verdict: Mrs Rinehart's claim doesn't check out.

Student, interrupted: international education and the pandemic

This report shows that all destination countries have experienced disruption to their international education sectors. The greatest reductions occurred in the middle of 2020, when countries introduced lockdowns and border restrictions in response to the first wave of the pandemic.
Journal article

Older adults’ perceptions of current and future hearing healthcare services in Australia, England, US and Canada

This study evaluates older adults’ perceptions of current and future hearing healthcare services in Australia, England, US and Canada, to explore potential levers and system improvements.

Reimagining a Canadian national security strategy

This report argues for a new approach to national security strategy and honest, transparent engagement with the reality of the threats Canada faces as a country. The report makes a series of key policy recommendations to assist the Canadian government in addressing the challenges of...

The Fossil Fuelled 5: comparing rhetoric with reality on fossil fuels and climate change

This paper compares the climate commitments of the 'Fossil Fuelled 5' with their future fossil fuel production plans and finds that there is an alarming gap between what they are pledging to do to reduce their domestic emissions and their plans to expand fossil fuel...
Policy report

Climatetiveness: what it takes for Canada to thrive in a net zero exporting world

Public policy has the crucial role to push the frontiers of innovation and technology in the name of winning the global race to net zero, which could be reflected in a new, low-carbon export strategy that marries domestic and international agendas. This policy paper makes...

Canada and the digitalization of money

This report shares key takeaways from a workshop held in August with international and Canadian experts to develop advice for policy makers, regulators and market participants on how to advance the digitalization of money with a view to serving the interests of the users of...

Comparative analysis of budget utilisation in individualised funding models

This report was commissioned by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services to inform mechanisms that will optimise utilisation of NDIS packages. The report examines schemes, nationally and internationally, with similar features to the NDIS.

Designing paid and protected employment leaves for short-term sickness and caregiving

This paper proposes six principles — universality, sufficiency, fairness, security, flexibility and efficiency — to guide the development of legislative and policy reforms for Canada’s income-support programs and job-protection laws for sickness and caregiving leave entitlements.
Policy report

Future proof: connecting post-pandemic Canada

Digital information has emerged as the prime mover of economies and societies. With the right set of policies and programs, this paper argues that Canada can have the digital connectivity infrastructure it needs to fully support an inclusive society and competitive economy far into the...

International approaches to ongoing competence

This report offers a broad review of how legal regulators in a range of different jurisdictions are managing and improving the ongoing competence of their lawyers.
Policy report

90 days to freedom? Why Australia can learn from Canada’s vaccination success

This paper argues that the biggest risk to Australia's public health and economic outlook is not the failure to reach thresholds for full vaccination, but that governments will be excessively cautious in easing restrictions once the thresholds are reached.
Working paper

A strong start for every Indigenous child

This paper has been developed to assist policy-makers, education and Indigenous leaders, as well as education practitioners, to better support Indigenous children’s early learning and well-being.
Journal article

Dismantling the evaluation framework

For almost 20 years, instruction librarians have relied on a variety of models to teach students how to evaluate printed and web-based materials. This paper presents a new evaluative approach for teaching students to see information as the agent, rather than themselves.

Regulatory excellence

Regulators risk being captive to incumbent models of regulation that served the public reasonably well in the past but are no longer fit-for-purpose. This article discusses the Alberta Energy Regulator's strategic vision to instead be recognised as a best-in-class regulatory institution.

International standards: targeted regulatory review – regulatory roadmap

Examining strategic opportunities to incorporate international standards into regulation and to demonstrate leadership in standards development, this regulatory roadmap lays out plans to advance regulatory modernisation in support of economic growth and innovation in Canada.

Targeted Regulatory Review: digitalization and technology-neutral regulations roadmap

Identifying opportunities to advance the development, adoption and support of digital tools and processes in the regulatory space; and examining existing regulations to support technology neutrality, this regulatory roadmap lays out plans to advance regulatory modernisation in support of economic growth and innovation in Canada.

Clean technology: targeted regulatory review – regulatory roadmap

Exploring opportunities for the regulatory system to increase the adoption of clean technology and to enhance innovation and competitiveness, this regulatory roadmap lays out plans to advance regulatory modernisation in support of economic growth and innovation in Canada.

What we heard: report on regulatory modernization

In recent years, the Government of Canada has undertaken a number of initiatives to modernise the Canadian regulatory system and improve its performance for Canadians and businesses. This report provides a detailed summary of stakeholder feedback on four priority regulatory modernisation initiatives.

Managing transformation in disrupted sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we live and work. The objective of this paper is to provide an analysis of how workers, employers and sectors can fortify themselves in a new economy.