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The importance of Project Governance Framework in project procurement planning

This paper highlights the importance of implementing project governance framework (PGF) to ensure that the decision makers are answerable and accountable to the stakeholders, and the decision making is transparent to avoid any ethical issues arising.
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Highway infrastructure: visions and challenges in the next decades

The challenges for smart highway implementation is waiting ahead. Issues related to technology acceptance, political will and policies, creativity and innovations, construction methods, ethics and changing in human values need to be discuss in depth.
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Critical success factors for lean thinking in the application of Industrialised Building System (IBS)

Productivity in the manufacturing process of building components can be increased by optimising each advantage that is available in each activity. Identification of critical success factors (CSFs) for lean thinking in the Industrialised Building System (IBS) will be able to minimise cost and reduce time...
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ISO and lean can contribute to a culture of continuous improvement

There is increasing 'acceptance' that compliance to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Management Systems is adequate to secure the full benefits of continuous improvement (CI) practice. This appears to detract construction organizations from developing CI practice that can significantly contribute to a culture of...

The Integration of Lean Construction and Sustainable Construction: A Stakeholder Perspective in Analyzing Sustainable Lean Construction Strategies in Malaysia

The simultaneous implementations of Sustainable Construction (SC) and Lean Construction (LC) concepts/practices are feasible in a strategic approach to accomplish improvement in reducing waste, which resulted in both positive environment and economic outcomes. Although both concepts/practices are capable of attaining significant environmental and economical benefits...

Foreign and security policy in the new Malaysia

This analysis argues that the democratisation of the policymaking process, efforts at greater transparency, and leadership in the area of human rights at the global level are all welcome moves under the Pakatan Harapan government. However, these will have only limited international impact if unaccompanied...

APEC Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) project dissemination phase 1: final report

The APEC Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Project Dissemination Phase 1, which succeeds LCMT Project Phases 1-7, seeks to accelerate the dissemination of low-carbon towns in order to manage rapidly growing energy consumption in the APEC region.
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Assessment of lean construction practice at selected construction sites in Klang Valley

Lean construction can reduce costs and production times, improve profit, quality, salaries, health and safety, and increase customer satisfaction. This paper evaluates and measures feasibility in applicability at sites in Klang Valley. Total Quality Management and Industrialized Building System were rated to be highly effective...

National cultural policy

Used as guidelines in designing, formulating and sustaining the national identity of Malaysia, 'The National Culture Policy' was introduced in 1971 and is still current two decades into the 21st Century.
Discussion paper

Mobile minds: culture, knowledge and change: discussion paper

This discussion paper examines how governments, cultural organisations, creative practitioners, thought leaders, representatives from other sectors and citizens can, and do, work together to actively lead intercultural cooperation and to challenge current conditions.