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Supporting young people with at-risk behaviour to live successfully in their communities
1 Oct 2018

This report, from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, looks to the future of how we care for young people with high risk and alleged offending behaviour, and the way we support them to live successfully in the community.


25 Jul 2018

Individuals are far more likely to engage in antisocial behaviour during adolescence than any other period of their life. This paper presents selected results from two studies which used secondary data analysis to provide a theoretically informed picture of youths’ decision-making process in relation to...


12 Mar 2018

With last month’s release of the Telethon Kids Institute report on brain impairment in detainees at Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre, and the NT government’s announcement that it will raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 years of age, Monday Mag this...

Journal article

19 Dec 2017

The vast majority of Sudanese Australians have integrated successfully into the fabric of Australian society, yet a small number are at-risk for violence and other criminal activities. This study identifes the self-reported life experiences and offending patterns of Sudanese-Australian youth in custody.


8 Dec 2017

Part of the terms of reference for this inquiry asked the Committee to: give particular consideration to social engagement of youth migrants, including involvement of youth migrants in anti-social behaviour such as gang activity, and the adequacy of the Migration Act 1958 character test provisions...


A report of the Youth Justice Coalition NSW
25 Oct 2017

This research found that young people on the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (SMTP) experience inappropriate forms of over-policing, disproportionate to the future risks they are alleged to pose to society.

Briefing paper

25 Sep 2017

This study examines the characteristics that impact on a young person receiving a caution as opposed to a charge from police and the impact this has on reoffending within a twelve month follow up period.


7 Sep 2017

This report was prepared at the request of the Victorian government, following a major incident at the Parkville youth justice centre on 31 October 2015.


7 Sep 2017

This report was prepared at the request of the Victorian government, following a major incident at the Parkville youth justice centre on 6 and 7 March 2016.

Fact sheet

Youth justice fact sheet no. 92
28 Jul 2017

This fact sheet summarises some of the similarities and differences between young people and adults in the justice systems in Australia. In 2015–16, the most common principal offence among young people was theft, while among adults it was illicit drug offences.


17 Jul 2017

Managing young people in detention will always be difficult. Almost all the young people who are held at Banksia Hill face complex layers of dysfunction, disengagement. This review discusses behaviour management practices at Banksia Hill and the impact of the transformation project.


28 Jun 2017

This resource outlines the Queensland government's response to the issues raised by the Independent Review of Youth Detention, conducted by Kathryn McMillan QC and Professor Megan Davis.


30 Apr 2017

This paper provides an overview of the changing nature of youth offenders and youth offending and the pressures that these have placed on the youth justice system, as well as the related policy developments of the Andrews Government.

Fact sheet

31 Mar 2017

Summary: This fact sheet summarises statistics on youth justice supervision in New South Wales in 2015–16 and includes some national comparisons.

Differences in youth justice supervision among the states and territories may reflect differences in legislation as well as policy and practice.


31 Mar 2017

There is a strong perception that the system of detention in the Northern Territory is failing.

It is failing our young people, it is failing those who work in the system and it is also failing the people of the Northern Territory who are...


23 Mar 2017

Children and young people in Victoria’s youth justice centres are subjected to unacceptable levels of isolation and are routinely “locked down” due to staffing issues, a report by the Commission for Children and Young People tabled in Parliament today reveals.

The report offers an...


15 Dec 2016

The Synergy Automotive Repairs Program (Synergy Program) is a diversionary social enterprise aimed at positively impacting the lives of young people involved in motor vehicle offending (e.g. theft, vandalism, hooning).


18 Nov 2016

This research found that almost one-in-three children we assist who are placed in out-of-home care later returns to us for help with criminal charges – often within months of their placement in care.


28 Oct 2016

Research shows that children and young people who have been abused or neglected are at greater risk of engaging in criminal activity and entering the youth justice system. A better understanding of the characteristics and pathways of children and young people who are both in...



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