Older people--Medical care

Briefing paper

3 May 2019

This paper provides a high-level introduction to dementia, including its nature, prevalence in Australia, and research about how to best care for people living with dementia.


Making the future better for New Zealanders as we age
18 Apr 2019

This draft strategy has been released for public consultation. This strategy recognises that New Zealand needs to take a fresh look at what can be done to make sure the country has the right policies in place for their ageing population.


A nationally representative survey prepared for the COTA Federation (Councils on the Ageing)
5 Dec 2018

This survey report reveals that the majority of older Australians feel a decade younger than their current age, overwhelmingly support assisted dying legislation, and nearly half feel less valued by society than when they were younger.


20 Feb 2018

The relationship between regulation, care provision and risk has been an area of continuing policy debate. How dementia care providers handle regulation contributes to the quality of dementia care and the monitoring and enforcement of care standards.

Literature review

30 Sep 2017

What does the evidence show about the specialist dementia care units that are most effective in managing symptoms of dementia?


15 Feb 2017

Alzheimer’s Australia commissioned NATSEM at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra to estimate the cost of dementia in Australia. The economic impact of dementia is a major concern nationally and internationally as the number of individuals with dementia continues...

Journal article

30 Jun 2016


In Australia and internationally, advance care planning (ACP) is emphasised as an important means by which individuals can express their wishes for health care during future periods of incapacity. ACP has mainly been promoted in health care settings and very little is...


29 Oct 2012

Background: Older people often take a relatively high number of prescription medicines and experience a range of issues linked with these medicines. Older people admitted to hospital for an acute condition often experience changes to their medicines and as a result they may experience problems...



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