3 May 2018

This book examines the practical aspects of anthropology that are relevant to the exercise of the discipline within the native title context.


5 Apr 2018

Australia is unique in the world for its diverse and interlocking systems of Indigenous social organisation.


21 Sep 2017

German ethnographers in Australia, many of them missionaries who first wrote on Australian Aboriginal cultures in the 1840s, produced a valuable body of work that will greatly enrich regional ethnographies.


15 Aug 2017

Introduction There is an excellent bibliography on early Solomon Islands: Sally Edridge’s Solomon Islands Bibliography to 1980, published in 1984 in Suva, Wellington and Honiara by the Institute of Pacific Studies at The University of the South Pacific, The Alexander Turnbull Library in New...

Discussion paper

31 Jan 2017

In August 2016, the traditional owners of Timber Creek in the Northern Territory, the Ngaliwurru and Nungali peoples, were awarded over $3.3 million for the loss of their native title rights. $1.3 million of this award was a solatium payment, that is, compensation for hurt...

Audio interview

6 Dec 2014

Stephen Munro from the Australian National University was studying a collection of fossilised bones of Homo erectus and mussel shells held by a museum in the Netherlands and collected from Java in the late 19th century.

Closer examination of his photographs revealed man-made engravings...


11 Feb 2013

People carrying the Lapita culture, which first appeared in the Bismarck archipelago c. 3300 BP, were the first colonists of Remote Oceania. While over 200 Lapita sites have been identified throughout the Pacific, very few contain any skeletal remains. The scarcity of burials has limited...


3 Aug 2012

This study focused on prehistoric pottery production patterns in the Lapita and plainware periods from the islands of 'Upolu and Manono, Samoa. Incorporating a holistic approach to excavated pottery assemblages, stylistic, temper and clay analysis was undertaken to identify whether initial production technology matched a...


21 May 2012

This thesis examines how indigenous Papua New Guinean notions of identity and belonging are embodied in popular music production. I hypothesise that popular music production provides a space in which notions of identity and belonging are mediated, negotiated and reconfigured. To explore this hypothesis, this...



21 Jan 2009

Ian Anderson reviews Tess Lea's innovative book, Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts

I FIRST ENCOUNTERED Tess Lea at an Australian Anthropological Society Conference some time in the late nineties, although I don’t recall actually being introduced. I was fascinated by an exchange between Tess and...



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