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Developing a neighbourhood: Exploring construction projects from a project ecology perspective

As a consequence of ongoing urbanisation, construction projects are likely to be performed in multi-project contexts. Zooming out from the single project and focussing on the context in which construction projects are performed is suggested as a way to broaden our understanding and develop new...
Working paper

Building thriving, low-carbon cities: An Overview of Policy Options for National Governments

Action by national governments is crucial for achieving sustainable, economically productive urban development. A range of benefits can be achieved through development focused on compact, accessible urban forms; clean and efficient urban transportation options; efficient building energy use and local clean energy solutions; and efficient...

Hammarby Sjöstad – a unique environmental project in Stockholm

Hammarby Sjöstad – a new environmental and ecological city district project
Conference paper

A tale of two cities: urban form, housing densities and amenity

This paper inquires into our understanding of the compact European city that theorists see, compared with the actual form of some European cities as observed by the author.
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A tale of two cities: public land ownership in Canberra and Stockholm

Public ownership and development of land is a powerful means of controlling the development of an urban area, avoiding high speculative costs of land for housing and public purposes, and siphoning increases in land values that accompany urban growth into the public purse. This paper...