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The Australian Journal of Education is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing research conducted in Australia and internationally to inform educational researchers, as well as educators, administrators and policy-makers, about issues of contemporary concern in education. The AJE publishes research studies about education and also articles that address education in relation to other fields.

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9 Nov 2018

This paper explores the lives of three New South Wales Aboriginal women, mothers, artists and academics.

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16 Jan 2018

Scholarly articles and the Australian media claim that 30–50% of Australian teachers leave teaching within their first five years in the role. In reality, there is no robust Australian evidence, and figures do not agree.

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4 Feb 2016

Primary school approaches to student voice and leadership rarely change, despite concerns about manipulation and tokenism. This single case study investigated an approach to student voice and student leadership in an Australian primary school that was very different to a traditional student council. Thematic analysis...

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19 Oct 2015

Peer mentoring is often considered the single most effective strategy for increasing student retention and student satisfaction. As a consequence, mentoring programs have been implemented at most universities and are an essential feature of best practice transition programs. Yet, the literature is inconsistent regarding what...

Book review

19 Oct 2015

How can cultural responsiveness towards Indigenous students be truly embedded in teaching pedagogy and national standards? In this book, Perso and Hayward (2015) seek to provide teachers with practical tools for working effectively with Indigenous students in school settings. This book is written with the...

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28 Sep 2015

This exploratory study investigated how staff at four private boys’ boarding schools in Perth, Western Australia, constructed meaning and understanding around the experience of studying away from home and family for Aboriginal students from regional and remote communities. Interviews were conducted with 16 participants recruited...

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25 Sep 2015

This literature review of secondary school teachers’ perceptions of student misbehaviour from 1983 to 2013 comprised studies from various countries including Australia, China, Greece, Jordan, Malta, the United Kingdom and the United States. Identified materials enabled international comparisons and the analysis of changes over time....

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1 Sep 2015

The purpose of this study was to examine the possible effects of the simultaneous inclusion of self and other ratings of principal instructional leadership on teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs. Special attention was given to the case where principal and teacher ratings were incongruent and exhibited a...

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1 Sep 2015

There is considerable debate both in Australia and internationally about the best way for schools to deliver the thinking skills required for university study and professional work life – skills that are often referred to as “critical thinking".

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26 Aug 2015

Undiscerning obedience to authority or compliance motivated by social approval differs substantially from volitional moral reasoning based on internalized values. The aim of this study was to ascertain why students would choose to act responsibly in the absence of external constraints. This article reports data...

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1 Jan 2010

The complex interconnection among issues affecting rural - regional sustainability requires an equally complex program of research to ensure the attraction and retention of high-quality teachers for rural children. The educational effects of the construction of the rural within a deficit discourse are highlighted....

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1 Jan 2001

A study of Year 10 leavers from rural high schools in Tasmania has found that school pressures to remain in Years 11 and 12 have not necessarily solved the post-school career dilemmas of rural youth. Indeed, despite growing numbers of VET options in schools, these...