Medical Journal of Australia

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16 Oct 2017

This article concludes that the incidence and multiplicity of keratinocyte cancer in Australia are very high, causing a large disease burden that has not previously been quantified.

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29 May 2017

This study finds that the incidence of premature and potentially preventable deaths of nursing home residents has increased over the past decade, and that a national policy framework is needed to reduce the incidence of premature deaths among Australians living in nursing homes.

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27 Mar 2017

Summary: In recent years, there has been increasing attention on parents who actively refuse to vaccinate their children. Successive federal governments have increased the amount of family assistance payments at stake for those who do not vaccinate, and removed most incentives for providers to...


23 Jan 2017

Summary Four international studies have found that the youngest children in a school class are more likely than their class- mates to receive pharmacological treatment for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We investigated whether this late birth date effect applies to children in Western Australia....

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17 Oct 2016

Starting cervical cancer screening at age 25 is safe. The findings support the Australian government’s renewed cervical screening program (set to come into effect in May 2017), which recommends that women should start screening for cervical cancer at age 25, not age 18-20.


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10 Oct 2016

This article suggests that recent developments regarding abortion law in NSW and Queensland carry significant implications for doctors.


19 Sep 2016

Abstract Objectives: To report age-standardised rates and methods of suicide by health professionals, and to compare these with suicide rates for other occupations.

Study design : Retrospective mortality study.

Setting, participants: All intentional self-harm cases recorded by the National Coronial...


7 Aug 2016

Studies are inconclusive about the benefits of the Paleo diet in patients with type 2 diabetes

Summary Type 2 diabetes is characterised by fasting hyperglycaemia as a result of insulin resistance and defects in insulin secretion. Obesity is the major risk factor for...

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4 Jul 2016

It is well known that the health of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is considerably poorer than that of their non-Indigenous counterparts. Strategies, policies, programs and funding over many years have been targeted toward improving the health of Indigenous Australians and closing the...

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27 Jun 2016

This audit presents evidence of high rates of suicide and self-harm in Indigenous people of the Kimberley region, and highlights the need for multidisciplinary, culturally appropriate, innovative and youth-focused approaches to suicide prevention activities.

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1 Jun 2016

Cultivation of cannabis for medicinal or scientific purposes needs considered management before it is rolled out as a therapeutic good.

Since the publication in the Journal last year of a perspective on cannabis that stated: “Australia is behind the times on the medicinal use...


16 May 2016

Antidepressants are not as effective as we once believed.


Australia has one of the highest rates of antidepressant use in the world; it has more than doubled since 2000, despite evidence showing that the effectiveness of these medications is lower than...

Journal article

2 May 2016


Objective: To investigate how doctors define and use the terms “futility” and “futile treatment” in end-of-life care.

Design, setting, participants: A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with 96 doctors from a range of specialties which treat adults at the end...

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18 Apr 2016

The global action plan of the World Health Organization (WHO) for preventing and controlling non-communicable diseases aims to substantially reduce the burden of premature mortality caused by cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung disease by 2025, through action on nine targets measured by 25...



11 Apr 2016

A TAX on sugary drinks should be on the table as part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle Australia’s rising obesity rates, say leading public health experts.

The call comes after the federal government ruled out following the UK’s lead in applying a levy...


22 Mar 2016

It is time to re-define our criminal justice system to redress the over-reliance on incarceration as the means of achieving safer communities. A substantive reconfiguration of mental health, disability and substance misuse services is essential to provide comprehensive treatment rather than punish for vulnerable people....

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21 Mar 2016

Other approaches to improving chronic disease outcomes in this very unwell population need to be explored.

Objective: To conduct an economic evaluation of intensive management by Indigenous health workers (IHWs) of Indigenous adults with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes in rural and remote...


7 Mar 2016

Describes a pattern of increasing use of methamphetamine over the past decade.

Summary There is no cause to feel impotent, despite disturbing media reports about methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine has been around for some time. Although it is now available in a crystal form...

Journal article

29 Feb 2016

Abstract Objective: To estimate the number of regular and dependent methamphetamine users in Australia.

Design : Indirect prevalence estimates were made for each year from 2002–03 to 2013–14. We applied multiplier methods to data on treatment episodes for amphetamines (eg, counselling, rehabilitation,...