Journal of Population Research


28 Feb 2012

The paper examines ethnic differences in the social and economic well- being of the immigrant aged in Australia and the factors affecting older immigrants’ well-being as measured by a number of indicators.

The data analysis is guided by the concept of the ‘Third Age’...

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1 Jan 2012

The migrant population living in regional and rural Australia has been growing, partly because of the introduction and expansion of a number of state-specific and regional migration programs by the Australian Government over the period since 1995. The programs were created in response to both...

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1 Jan 2007

The Harris-Todaro model of labour migration was developed almost four decades ago, and since has become a classic method of migration analysis in less developed countries. This paper explores the applicability of the Harris-Todaro (HT) framework outside its traditional use, by modelling frontier-metropolis migration in...

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1 Jan 2004

Statistical methods of dimension reduction and classification are used to obtain homogeneous local-area clustering with regard to the most relevant demographic parameters. The dimension reduction is conducted in two stages using Principal Component Analysis and a modified k-mean procedure is proposed to determine the final...

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1 Jan 2002

Among the more profound features of population ageing is its regionality. This regionality is particularly marked in Australia, where the timing and speed of ageing are occurring at substantially different rates by state and territory. The shift to natural decline is expected to create many...