Discussion paper

21 Oct 2015

Australia has a predominantly services driven economy which is increasingly digital, online and driven by user generated data. Within our digital economy, financial services – principally banking, insurance and capital markets – has overtaken all other sectors to become the largest sector of the economy....


3 Sep 2015

As 5.5 million baby-boomers approach retirement focus is shifting to how superannuation savings are transformed into retirement income. Recognising that many retirees do not have an adequate level of financial literacy to make optimal decisions about how to do this, the Financial System Inquiry recommended...

Journal article

15 Dec 2013

Practice guidance for child protection services emphasises the need to engage children and support them to understand what is happening and why, to provide their perspective on events and to have input into decision-making (Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, 2011; Cossar, Brandon,...


6 Nov 2013

This paper looks back at how the Commonwealth Games came to be, Australia’s experience of staging the event and contemplates how the Gold Coast will deal with that legacy and surmount perceived and unexpected complications that will inevitably surface before the 2018 Games’ Opening Ceremony....


14 Feb 2011

Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hardcore.

Technology has played a significant role in these shifts. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure...


29 Nov 2010

This paper provides an overview of the economics of a sustainable population and addresses some key policy issues in an Australian context. It is argued that a sustainable population is one that is consistent with sustainable economic development.

The population age distribution is...

Briefing paper

1 Nov 2010

This modeling paper was commissioned by a non-government member of parliament before the 2010 Federal election to ascertain the cost to tax payers of a subsidy for employing workers over 50 years of age.

The following briefing was commissioned on behalf of a non-Government...

Briefing paper

28 Oct 2010

Recent strong population growth in Australian cities has drawn attention to a range of national transport, and transport-related, sustainability issues.

Key areas of national sustainability concern in relation to urban land transport include traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, road fatalities and serious injury accidents,...

Briefing paper

28 Oct 2010

The purpose of this chronology of key events is to provide a historical context in which to understand the continuing evolution of the Australian Public Service (APS).

More specifically, the chronology is intended to:

provide a quick reference guide to what happened, and...


11 Oct 2010

Multiculturalism has been a contested policy and concept since its introduction in Australia in the 1970s. While maintaining some core principles, in the three decades since its introduction, federal multicultural policy statements have evolved in response to changing government priorities and responses to the challenges...

Briefing paper

8 Oct 2010

This background note is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions about who was the first, youngest, oldest, most often, etc. in Australian federal politics.

The focus is on records for the Federal Parliament although a few significant records relate to members...

Briefing paper

1 Oct 2010

As there are more independent members with a party background, it could be argued that the influence of the major parties continues to be very strong, even when non-aligned candidates are successful.

The dominance of the major parties in Australian politics has lead to...

Journal article

1 Sep 2010


The results of various studies estimating the extent and prevalence of child maltreatment including child abuse and neglect in Australia are discussed. Four methodological issues that have a particularly strong influence on prevalence estimates are highlighted.


21 Jun 2010

The Lancet in 1999 suggested that ‘neglect of research has made primary care one of the most intellectually underdeveloped disciplines in medicine’ and later labelled general practice research ‘a lost cause’. According to the Medical Journal of Australia, this underdevelopment ‘stems from a...


24 Mar 2010

This report details the committee’s inquiry activities in relation to cross-border health issues including tuberculosis, malaria, and sexually transmitted diseases.

It also examines other regional health issues including the rise of non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes; the health impacts of climate change;...

Discussion paper

19 Feb 2010

Launched on 28 January 2010, A Stronger, Fairer Australia (0) sets out the Australian Government’s vision and strategy for social inclusion, now and into the future.

Social Inclusion means ensuring no Australian is left behind by giving all the opportunities, resources, capabilities and responsibilities...


30 Jul 2009

This paper explores the capacity to develop an authentically Australian concept of social inclusion by positing it within human rights.

Noting the emerging prominence of social inclusion in public policy, and in light of the current debate about whether to adopt a federal Charter...


30 Jun 2009

This background note provides a brief overview of the historical and political context surrounding boat arrivals in Australia since 1976. It includes background on the global context; government policy responses; trends in public opinion on the issues; and links to some of the key resources....

Journal article

27 Oct 2008

Currently, in Australia, there are a number of developments suggesting that some of the digital promises and challenges of the past two decades are being addressed. The most visible of these are the impending Digital Education Revolution that promises a computer for every student in...


23 May 2008

New South Wales' economic future will be balanced by an ability to invest and reap rewards from a strong skills base and skilled workforce. Central to the creation of a strong skills base is our education system.

While New South Wales has a comprehensive...



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