Social impact


28 Feb 2019

This article outlines seven observations from a review of initiatives that have replicated their model to increase social impact.


7 Nov 2018

This report argues that impact at the scale required to bring real change to people’s lives and conserve the planet will only be delivered through bold action to drive solutions and the investment to resource them.


30 Oct 2018

Malcolm Garrow, Executive Director, Consulting at Social Ventures Australia explores the importance of being intentional about who to engage in the strategy development process, and offers guidance on how to do it well.


16 May 2018

This research investigated social impact investment (SII), which aims to generate and actively measure social and financial returns. There are several promising SII models—including housing supply bonds, property funds, funding social enterprises, social impact bonds and social impact loans.


28 Feb 2018

Four very different social purpose organisations describe how social impact investing has provided a flexible, mission-aligned and supportive approach to funding their vision – often to their surprise.


22 Feb 2018

This research examined social impact investment (SII) in social and affordable housing in Australia. It considered US and UK models, together with interviews with government experts, social impact investors and not-for-profit housing providers, to inform the analysis.


19 Feb 2018

This resource provides data-based insights about the grantees and their capacity building advisors and assesses the impact of the Growth Grant on the capital raises and broader capacity development. A series of stories from grant recipients, providers and investors puts the spotlight on their experiences...


16 Jan 2018

This independent review of the social and economic impact of gambling in Tasmania examines he policy context and structure of the gambling industry, trends in gambling expenditure and government revenue, the economic footprint of the gambling industry, and reports on interviews with gamblers and affected...


15 Dec 2017

In 2017 the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing undertook a scan of the impact investing field in Australia to assess what has changed over the last three years since the last scan in 2014, what is happening and what is needed to inform the...


17 Aug 2017

The SVA Fundamentals for Impact enable organisations to assess whether they are being effective and how to do better.

Briefing paper

20 Mar 2017

In this policy brief, we highlight the impact of the speed and the scale that digital innovation will have in disrupting labor markets in the future, which requires anticipating policy responses now. We advocate for the formation of new social partnerships between business, labor, governments,...

Discussion paper

27 Jan 2017

The purpose of this discussion paper is to explore ways the Australian Government can develop the social impact investing market.

This discussion paper proposes that the Australian Government could primarily support social impact investing by creating an enabling environment for private sector-led social impact...

Conference paper

8 Nov 2016

Social science knowledge about human behavior and institutions underpins many of the notable advances in economic growth, technological innovation, health, education, good governance, and quality of life. This knowledge also helps us understand why public policy sometimes fails to improve our situation. Yet much of...


12 Jul 2016

The New South Wales Government has committed to a 5% cut in reoffending rates by 2019, and is turning to one of the big four banks to help it do that. It's using what's known as a 'social impact investment.' The National Australia Bank will...



15 Oct 2015

The announcement of a partnership between HESTA and SVA with the launch of a $30m Social Impact Investment Trust represents a coming of age for impact investing in Australia. The Trust is the largest Australian impact investing commitment made by a superannuation fund. This article...


30 Jul 2015

Based on a presentation to a Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA) Forum on ending entrenched disadvantage in Australia.

Capital and failure are two words we don’t often hear together in the social purpose sector.

This article addresses capital and the investment...


2 Jul 2015

Over the past years, we have become used to Europe's debt crisis. However, the fiscal problems of countries such as Greece are only the tip of the iceberg. Europe's crisis has much deeper roots. In this essay, Dr Oliver Hartwich presents a sketch of Europe's...


10 Jun 2015

The social impact bond (SIB) innovation is gathering pace around the world and here in Australia, but it is still very early in the development of this nascent market. Expectations are high – from investors and service providers alike – but implemented contracts are thin...


11 Mar 2015

Not yet developed in Australia, Data Labs in the UK aim to provide a new, low-cost way to understand service impact using data that is already collected.

Data Labs enable service providers to use existing government data to better understand the impact of their...


11 Sep 2014

Based on the 2014 SVA Oration, Michael Traill explores innovative ways to build an efficient capital market for social purpose – one smart and sustainable enough to solve today’s entrenched social problems.

Despite massive investment in the social sector, Australia has not made much...



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