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15 Nov 2018

This paper examines the impacts of the flagship of the sharing economy—Uber—on workers employed in conventional taxi services.

Working paper

1 Oct 2018

We explore the rise of the so-called “gig economy” through the lens of Uber and its drivers in the United Kingdom. Using administrative data from Uber and a new representative survey of London drivers, we explore their backgrounds, earnings, and well-being. We find that the...


26 Jun 2018

This research report uses interviews with over 100 domestic and ridehailing platform workers in major U.S. cities to reveal how technology is reshaping the future of labor.


6 Mar 2018

This report simulates the net hourly incomes received by UberX drivers in six Australian cities, and finds that they almost certainly earn much less than would be required under relevant minimum wage standards.

Working paper

1 Sep 2017

Since 2012, the platform economy has received much academic, popular, and regulatory attention, reflecting its extraordinary rate of growth. This paper provides a conceptual and theoretical overview of rapidly growing labor platforms, focusing on how they represent both continuity and change in the world of...

Working paper

15 Mar 2017

Participation in flexible contract work has increased dramatically over the last decade, often in settings where new technologies lower the transaction costs of providing labor flexibly. One prominent example of this is the ride-sharing company Uber, which allows drivers to provide (or not provide) rides...


2 Nov 2016

The WA Government is formulating ‘on demand’ transport reforms due to the emergence of ridesharing. To fully realise the benefits of ridesharing, these reforms require a framework that ensures safety and consumer protection, without unnecessary barriers to entry. In developing a regulatory model that fully...


1 Nov 2016

This survey of American adults finds that a relatively substantial share of the public has earned money recently from a digital commerce platform. In the context of gig employment, nearly one-in-ten Americans (8%) have earned money in the last year using digital platforms to take...

Journal article

22 Oct 2016

Uber manages a large, disaggregated workforce through its ridehail platform, one that delivers a relatively standardized experience to passengers while simultaneously promoting its drivers as entrepreneurs whose work is characterized by freedom, flexibility, and independence. Through a nine-month empirical study of Uber driver experiences, we...


20 Oct 2016

This research paper offers a jurisdictional comparison of legislation affecting Uber and other TNCs, within Australia and at an international level.


10 Oct 2016

The journey times of 14,000 Uber drivers in Melbourne are examined, as part of a new measure of congestion in the Australia's four biggest cities.

Working paper

1 Sep 2016

To monitor trends in alternative work arrangements, we conducted a version of the Contingent Worker Survey as part of the RAND American Life Panel in late 2015. The findings point to a significant rise in the incidence of alternative work arrangements in the U.S. economy...

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19 Aug 2016

The Victorian Government says it's very close to legalising the ride-sharing service Uber, and unveiling changes to the taxi industry. After Tasmania last night legalised the service, the company is very close to getting the green light to operate legally in every state.


20 Jul 2016

There is a lack of publicly accessible evidence to support the argument that compensation should be paid. Governments should release modelling that justifies their decision to compensate.

Consumers should know who is being compensated. There is a lack of publicly accessible date on licence...


22 Jun 2016

The Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Bill 2016 , passed by the NSW Parliament on 22 June 2016, covers flexible transport services that can take customers on the route they choose, at the time that suits them. This website provides information on...


17 Mar 2016

There has been a continuing, strong debate about the size of the gig economy and the pay earned by gig economy workers—specifically as gig work scope and pay relates to Uber, the leading gig economy firm. The debate has been fueled by a number of...


1 Feb 2016

Americans experience tremendous income volatility, and that volatility is on the rise. Income volatility matters because it is hard to manage. The typical household faces a shortfall in the financial buffer necessary to weather this volatility. Moreover, the decline in real wages since 2009 for...


8 Jan 2016

The last few years have witnessed the exponential growth of platforms like Uber and Airbnb and the creation of countless other less well-known examples. The expansion of the on-demand economy puts huge pressure on regulators to adapt it to the existing frameworks for labour and...


1 Jul 2015

Outlines the legal status of Airbnb and Uber operations in NSW, and contains an overview of each platform and current usage in Sydney, and where applicable, more broadly in NSW.

Introduction The way in which people consume goods and services has changed dramatically...



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