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13 Jan 2020

There is an obvious point upon which the LNP, Labor and Greens might agree to move policy forward: the national 'cap and trade' emissions trading system proposed by John Howard in 2007.


19 Dec 2019

The Carbon Market Institute’s (CMI) Australian Climate Policy Survey provides a critical means of capturing the views of Australian business and industry to inform government and the wider community. It captures data on climate and energy policy and on corporate climate action, in addition to...


2 Dec 2019

Despite the trade minister’s response, there’s nothing unusual about Emmanuel Macron’s demand for progress, says John Quiggan.


Some things change, but most things stay the same
28 Nov 2019

To celebrate five years of Policy Forum, their special InFocus section is hearing back from the authors of some of the most popular articles on some crucial policy questions. In this article, Patrick Cooney reflects on what has and hasn’t changed since 2014, and on...


22 Oct 2019

This policy document prioritises objectives and outcomes that enhance long-term preparedness, sustainability, resilience and risk management for farming businesses and farming communities in Australia, in order to minimise the impact of drought.


11 Oct 2019

Coal miners are not ignorant of the changing economics of their industry. But Labor will gain ground only if it devises a climate policy that is environmentally sound and offers protection against precarious employment.


16 Sep 2019

The UN has asked world leaders to bring concrete climate action plans to this week's summit - and Australia is likely to cop heavy criticism.


Quantifying CO2 from Australia’s fossil fuel mining and exports
19 Aug 2019

The climate impact of Australia’s fossil fuel exports ranks behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia, in terms of global emissions, according to this report. Australian governments actively promote even greater coal and gas exports and our politicians work hard to avoid confronting the climate impacts...

Policy report

31 Jul 2019

This policy paper highlights evidence and case studies to show how climate and environmental change will affect human health in the Asia Pacific region. It also provides proposals for how Australian governments - federal, state and local - might respond to this challenge.

Working paper

26 Jun 2019

This document summarises the compelling case for developing a New Zealand ‘Climate Policy Modelling Initiative’ (CPMI). This initiative would coordinate and enhance delivery of modelling across multiple providers. This work is informed by several workshops that brought together economic modellers from a range of organisations....


13 Jun 2019

Science should inform and underpin arguments, but economics and politics are now the principal battlegrounds in the Australian climate debate.


30 Apr 2019

This publication provides a detailed overview of the Australian government’s approach to climate change since the election of the Liberal-National Coalition government in 2013. The period is characterised by cutting effective climate change programs, rejecting expert advice, ministers making publicly misleading claims, and a lack...


28 Mar 2019

Climate change is a systematic risk to investment returns, financial stability, communities and economies. The decisions that governments, investors, companies and individuals make today will have a material impact on the superannuation returns of millions of Australians and New Zealanders.

A managed transition to...

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2019

This paper presents opportunities for state and territory-level governments to work towards fostering strong economies that facilitate deep emissions reductions by 2050.


13 Dec 2018

Although Germany has been a global leader in moving to decarbonize its massive economy, the country’s ambitious clean-energy transformation is faltering. Now, a broad spectrum of energy experts are working to revitalize the effort to make Germany nearly carbon-free by mid-century.

Briefing paper

6 Dec 2018

Addressing New Zealand’s energy challenges will necessitate more proactive and inclusive policy co-ordination by government and regulatory authorities than that practiced since the late 1980’s.


20 Nov 2018

According to this national climate policy survey report, 92% of Australian business and industry respondents believe that national climate and energy policies are insufficient and won’t drive the emissions reductions needed to meet our Paris Agreement targets.

Fact sheet

1 Oct 2018

The latest version of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) aims to achieve a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050, and compels Member States to develop respective roadmaps, guidelines and measurable, targeted actions.

In order to garner the views...


12 Sep 2018

This report presents results from applying a new technique called Contribution Analysis to local community greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory data. Contribution Analysis separates out the impact of different drivers of change between multiple inventory years. The drivers looked at include population/ commercial growth, energy usage...


4 Sep 2018

This inquiry concluded that New Zealand can indeed make the transition to a low-emissions economy. But there will be tough challenges along the way. It will require consistent and concerted effort across government, business, households and communities – up to and beyond 2050.



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