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9 Apr 2019

On 13 September 2017, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services issued its report on whistleblower protections. This is the Government response, presented to the Senate on 9 April 2019.


28 Mar 2018

This report evaluates reform options to strengthen Australia's foreign bribery framework and examines the relevant experience in other jurisdictions. It assesses the need for increased transparency around beneficial ownership and the benefits of introducing a debarment framework in Australia.

Audio interview

2 Feb 2018

Former New South Wales Supreme Court Judge Anthony Whealy believes the federal government's proposed new secret laws could see ABC reporters jailed for 15 years for handling sensitive government information such as the so called "Cabinet files".

Mr Whealy is Chairman of Transparency International,...



27 Sep 2017

This report suggests that Victorian state government employees have a sound understanding of what corruption is, but many are unsure how to report it, and a significant proportion fear personal repercussions if they do.


Survey of Organisational Processes & Procedures 2016
4 Jul 2017

Whistleblowing processes – or processes for encouraging and protecting staff to speak up about wrongdoing concerns and integrity challenges – are vital to integrity and good governance systems in organisations.

This report presents initial analysis of the strength of organisational processes for responding to...


3 May 2017

This report presents the first stage of a new measure of the strength of organisational processes for responding to staff wrongdoing concerns, based on responses to the Survey of Organisational Processes and Procedures conducted in 2016 by Whistling While They Work 2: Improving managerial responses...


27 Apr 2016

This report argues that Australia must do more to address the culture of secrecy surrounding its immigration and asylum seeker policies. Secrecy increases risks to the health, safety, and dignity of people in our care and prevents the Australian public from knowing what is being...


1 Jul 2011

Journalists need to think more carefully about their relationships with their sources, writes Matthew Ricketson in Inside Story.

Discussion paper

15 Sep 2007


A creeping authoritarianism and a pronounced lack of diversity are making their impact felt on Australia’s already fragile media landscape.

Despite Australia’s traditions of freedom and its status as a long-time liberal democracy, its ranking in terms of press...


14 Sep 2005

Expanding on the issue of protection of journalists' sources, Helen Ester looks at a range of factors affecting the Press Gallery's role in public accountability. These include not only government pursuit of whistleblowers but also a weak freedom of information regime making journalists overly dependent...



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