Alcohol harms

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15 May 2017

The aim was to identify a typology of drinkers in New Zealand based on alcohol consumption, beverage choice, and public versus private drinking locations and investigate the relationship between drinker types, harms experienced, and policy‐related variables.


6 Mar 2017

Aims: To assess the longer-term effects of the 2014 NSW liquor law reforms on levels of violence in the inner Sydney area.

Method: Interrupted time series models were used to examine the effects of the legislative reforms introduced in January 2014. Police...


5 Dec 2016

How best to respond to and manage intoxicated offenders is a concern shared by policing agencies across Australia. Intoxicated offenders present additional behavioural and health risks during their interaction with police. These risks may result in harm to the officers, the offender or the community....

Journal article

30 Sep 2016

Legislative limits on trading hours for licensed premises have a long history in Australia as a key policy approach to managing alcohol-related problems. In recent years, following substantial extensions to permitted hours of sale, there has been renewed attention to policies aimed at reducing late-night...


1 Jul 2016

Queensland's hospitality industry says it will maintain pressure on the government to reverse the new liquor laws which came into effect overnight. Pubs, clubs and bars will now have to call last drinks at 2-3am in designated entertainment areas.


25 Feb 2015

This resource sheet provides estimates on the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the general and Indigenous populations of Australia, and reviews the local and international evidence on the effectiveness of programs that aim to prevent or alleviate this group of disorders.



3 Dec 2014


Alcohol is more affordable, more available and more heavily promoted than ever before. It is available around the clock, seven days a week, is promoted relentlessly and is as cheap as 35 cents per standard drink. This is concerning because the sale,...


25 Nov 2014

Through NAAPA, emergency workers, health professionals, community members, community sector workers, researchers and advocates have come together to present a comprehensive plan that addresses alcohol harms. The plan is outlined under five key priority areas:

Protecting children and families Putting communities first Reducing disability...


17 Mar 2014

Introduction: The detrimental effects of alcohol abuse on human health and injury are well known. Less well documented is the relationship between alcohol consumption and the diet. As alcohol is an energy dense macronutrient, it can significantly increase total energy intakes while also influencing food...


7 Jul 2005

This thesis is a case study of local community involvement in the liquor licencing process. Alcohol is a widely available commodity with the potential for harm to communities through short and long term health impacts, violence and crime. There is often tension between meeting community...




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